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Pantry Paratus is the self sufficiency store that encourages you to produce, prepare, and preserve your own harvest!


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The Reluctant Naturalist: Grocery Stores--The Housewives' Casino

Grocery Stores: The Housewives CasinoAfter discovering some food allergies, Erin has spent more than her share of time careening the aisles of multiple grocery stores.  She has come to see them in a new light--a twisted one--and after explaining it to me, I do believe I agree with her!  Do you see these common marketing ploys in your own store-of-choice?

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How to Avoid Cleaning a Nasty Oven (& Why You Should Never Use Aluminum Foil)

How to avoid cleaning a nasty ovenGak...this is one of those "fess up" moments where we all know we let the oven go entirely too shoulda been cleaned before now.  So now the job is harder.  And unpleasant-er (I just made that word up).  This one thing saves me nearly an hour every single time.

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<INFOGRAPH> Home Grocery Delivery: The Future (& History) of Grocery Shopping

Home Delivery Infograph

Naomi Shaw joins us again, this time to share an infograph shopping!  What a fun way to learn the facts. 

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The Reluctant Naturalist: No More Sugar? REALLY?!?

No more sugarI (Chaya) left the modern diet behind in an effort to regain health.  Reading Erin's struggles and her successes have inspired me to take a fresh look at my own diet, my own slip-ups, and my own successes too.  Follow along on her journey as she regains her health through her plate.

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The Reluctant Naturalist

Reluctant NaturalistI have known Erin as my friend for nearly a decade.   I'm the crunchy one, she's conventional.  Well, she was until this news.  Now? She's the Reluctant Naturalist.  She will be sharing her journey with you, and it is indeed one of the craziest I have ever heard--a potato allergy.  I'm learning a lot through her experiences & know you will, too.

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Giveaway: 2 Lilla Rose Clips!

Win a Lilla Rose FlexiclipMarci from Amazing Graze Farm gave me one of these...and I loved it so much I ordered 3 more Lilla Rose clips, pins, and sticks--in fact, it's one of the few newsletters in my inbox I never fail to browse (besides the one from Pantry Paratus, of course).  Now you have a chance to win 1 of 2 Lilla Rose Flexiclips!  Read more & sign up!

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