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 Pantry Paratus equips you with the tools and timeless skills you need to achieve independence from the modern food system.  Everything on your plate has a story, and you can be a part of it.

 Know where your food comes from. 

Know what to do with it.


The Latest From Our Blog

Storage Hacks for the Kitchen & Beyond

Storage HacksPantry Paratus already has several blogs about maximizing storage space in your kitchen, but we know that the problem goes beyond it too. No matter how big a home we have, many of us wage a daily battle with finding enough storage space for all our belongings.  Here's an infograph with some great ideas.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas & Sales

Mother's Day IdeasThese holidays just sneak up on us all.  Consider this a public service announcement--take a few minutes to find the perfect gift now so you won't miss it!  I think I'll throw a sale in here, too. 

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What If You Could Use What You Already Own More Effectively?

Use what you haveWe tend to be a frugal crowd, but we also get caught up in learning new skills that don't always fit us well.  Sometimes we even buy the full package with the best intentions, only to shelve them and waste the potential.  I really think I can help you reclaim one of those money-pit, wasted-potential skills today.  Read on. 

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Kitchen Self-Sufficiency: Breaking Free

Breaking FreeSo you don't live on the side of a mountain with 12 children and concertina wire?  Me neither, but I have broken free of many old dependencies that many people take for granted in our culture, and that's really what we mean when we talk to you about kitchen self-sufficiency.  Would you like to break free? 

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Manganese: For Plant & Human Health

ManganeseManganese may sound all nerdy, but if your soil is depleted of it, you'll lose your harvest.  Oh, and if your body is depleted of it, you will be riddled with toxins on the cellular level.  BUT...if you get way too much, it's toxic.  So just what is it, and how much do you need? 

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The Secret to Brown, Crispy Hash Browns

Brown, Crispy Hash BrownsYou know that restaurant hash browns are prepackaged, trucked in, and just reheated.  You also know they have a longer list of ingredients your body doesn't need...but admit it, you love them and wish you could get yours to brown evenly and end up crispy like that at home.  Grandma could make them; you can too.

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