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The Latest From Our Blog

Healthy Food for a Healthy Dog + Dog Food Recipes

Healthy Food for a Healthy DogWe know that food quality directly effects life quality--for us and for our pets!  Allie Coleman shares some tips with us about how to ensure we are providing quality nutrition for our pets.  We're also sharing some of the best homemade pet food recipes with you, too! 

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Wheat Bread & Gluten-Free Bread Recipes You Must Try

Bread RecipesGood old-fashioned wheat breads, sourdough starters, gluten-free breads, egg-free breads, grain-free & sugar-free breads too!  Let's get into the kitchen and be nourished.  9 new recipes plus loads of food science, bread-baking tips, & Pantry Paratus classics!

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16 Pies: Savory & Sweet

16 Pie RecipesPour a cup of coffee & share some pie with me! Savory pies are nourishing, filling, & a great way to use bits of leftovers.  Sweet pies express warmth, and conversation--they beg to be shared! We share some of our favorites with you today.

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Why We Eat Together As a Family

Family Mealtime

It isn't always convenient, or clean, or fun.  So why on earth do it?  Is this just an exercise in frustration tolerance there a greater purpose?

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Sugar: The Science, The History, & The Love Affair

SugarYou might be in denial, or maybe you have some hidden in the top left drawer of the dresser.  Maybe you embrace it boldly in your morning coffee or a glass of soda.  Or you may have already banned the white stuff altogether.  Whatever your sugar politics, you probably didn't know THIS about the #1 food additive in America. 

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Handmade with Love: A Homemade Christmas

Homemade Wooden BowlRecently on the Pantry Paratus Facebook page, the discussion began about keeping Christmas simple and meaningful.  A reader mentioned her family's tradition of a Homemade Christmas and I begged her to share her family's tradition with us.  Please welcome Laura as we peek into her family's Annual Christmas Celebration!

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