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Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter DecoratingJennifer, our official holiday decorating expert, shares some easy and low-cost Easter ideas with us--cute stuff!   Add something new to brighten up your home this holiday season!

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Using Cacao Part 3: Homemade Cocoa Powder

Cacao NibsOrganic, Fair-Trade Cacao Nibs are a great idea and all, but do they taste better? We do a taste test.  And what are you supposed to do with them, anyway?  We'll explain how to make homemade cocoa powder.

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Using Cacao Part 2: Chocolate By Any Other Name (Chocolate Defined)

Using Cacao Part 2A brief explanation of the types of chocolate--so brief that we slapped it over a mouth-watering picture.  We figure that if we are going to talk about the various kinds of chocolate and how they are made, we should at least make it fun, right?  Take a look!

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Using Cacao Part 1: Is Cocoa Powder and Cacao Powder the Same Thing?

Cacao and CocoaIs cocoa and cacao the same stuff, can you use them interchangeably? What is up with the "raw" cocao and does it matter if you get "organic" or "fair trade"? Let's answer some of these questions because let's face it--chocolate is part of everyday life!

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Grow Cheap Microgreens Using Hydroponics

Microgreens and HydroponicsHave you ever heard the term "microgreens" before? What if I said they are delicious, beautiful on the plate, and have 4-6 times more nutritional density than their larger counterparts?  There is a cheap, simple, and fun way to grow them.  We have an expert today who will explain just how to get started.

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Vegetable Powders: Making Them, Using Them, & Long-Term Food Storage

How To Powder Vegetables

Do not pass up on a great deal for fresh vegetables, for fear that your family will mutiny.  Do not have the toddler eat-your-vegetables angst.  And follow this great strategy to improve the situation of your long-term food storage.  Here are some great ideas for using powdered vegetables, and the basic "how-to" for you to implement in your own kitchen with nothing but a dehydrator and a food processor.

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