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Grow Cheap Microgreens Using Hydroponics

Microgreens and HydroponicsHave you ever heard the term "microgreens" before? What if I said they are delicious, beautiful on the plate, and have 4-6 times more nutritional density than their larger counterparts?  There is a cheap, simple, and fun way to grow them.  We have an expert today who will explain just how to get started.

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Vegetable Powders: Making Them, Using Them, & Long-Term Food Storage

How To Powder Vegetables

Do not pass up on a great deal for fresh vegetables, for fear that your family will mutiny.  Do not have the toddler eat-your-vegetables angst.  And follow this great strategy to improve the situation of your long-term food storage.  Here are some great ideas for using powdered vegetables, and the basic "how-to" for you to implement in your own kitchen with nothing but a dehydrator and a food processor.

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My Food Swap Experience: Inside & Out of Attending, Organizing, & Enjoying

Food SwapWe were recently introduced to the Food Swap Movement springing up all over our country (and apparently, Europe also).  We are enthralled with this local-economy, find-your-kitchen, meet-your-neighbor experience.  Here is what you need to know, from the firsthand experience of someone who actually organizes them.  Meet Marie, and meet her passion.

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Free & Starts Today: Nourished Living Summit Online

Nourished Living SummitWhat if I told you that you could sit in on the top professionals in the health & wellness fields, and that you could do it for free, starting today, on your OWN timetable, and on subjects relevant to your family?  We believe in this--education is a big part of our mission.  We want you to know about this free educational opportunity.  But it starts today and each session is only available for 48 hours each---so check it out now!

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Turn Old Utensils Into Practical Household Items

Repurposing old itemsBefore you trash it....take pause.  Turn it over in your hands for a minute...could this be the beginning of creative genius? Naomi Shaw joins us today with a few ideas to get your creative juices can we repurpose those old and forgotten items from around the house?

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Garden Creativity: The Productive Kind

Garden CreativityI am not the cutesy-craftsy, artsy-fartsy, Holly HappyHammer type. I do, however, love food.  The real kind...and thus, I garden.  The good news is that I do have friends who share my affinity for tasty homegrown food and they do it with flair.  We are sharing our favorite gardening tips--and even a few pinterest-worthy garden crafts--to inspire you this season.

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