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The Reluctant Naturalist: I spent HOW MUCH on groceries?

I spent how muchWhat happens when you have to turn your pantry completely upside down because you discovered a difficult food allergy?  Erin has been journaling--with admirable honesty--what that has meant to her grocery shopping, her budget, her husband, and even to the lawn mower! 

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Giveaway: Little House on the Prairie

GiveawayI am flooded with nostalgia, which has nearly knocked me over with giddy goosebumps--that I get to be a part of this and share the Little House on the Prairie© Prize Package with you!

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Sausage on a Bed of Kale & Cannellini

Homemade Sausages Cannellini KaleFrame your homemade sausage with this delicious bed of kale and cannellini beans. Fresh kale pairs nicely with the white beans from your food storage, and makes a beautiful presentation on the table.

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How our (Raw Milk Drinking) Founding Fathers Talked Me Into Going...

Montana State CapitolListen to how this momma took three young children to a legislative hearing, and how our Founding Fathers' words compelled me to show my support. 

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FOTPOTUS -- Foods of the Presidents of the United States

FOTPOTUS?  The White House KitchenWhen the red phone rings at 3 AM, they answer it.  But when you are the leader of the free world and can pick up another phone and order anything you want, what would you order?  Here is a blog about the Presidents of the United States and the food that crosses party lines. 

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A Raw Milk Roundup

Raw Milk RoundupSome things receive all the publicity but very little understanding.  Raw Milk has been one of those things, at least here in the United States.  It isn't complicated, though, and we are going help it all make sense. 

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