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July's Jumbo Giveaway ($343 Value)

July's Jumbo GiveawayWe are at it again.  We pair up with the best businesses and blogs so that we can bring the best prize packs.  We do this to highlight the hidden gems you can find at Pantry Paratus, to introduce you to amazing people, and to make the summer that much brighter for one lucky winner!

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Recipe: 2 Legume Falafels

Falafels by Pantry ParatusThis traditionally Middle Eastern dish is a filling and delicious way to use some of the dried beans you have in food storage.  This meatless meal will leave you satisfied!

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When Whole Foods Kids Seem Ungrateful: 7 Strategies to Improve Mealtime Contentment

When Whole Foods Kids Seem UngratefulWe are human.  We (yes, us "adults")  do not always realize the gifts we have in our daily lives.  It stands to reason that kids struggle with this too, much to the frustration and bruised egos of hard-working parents.  Let's talk about that.

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Recipe: Blackberry Vinaigrette

Blackberry VinaigretteOne of the biggest black holes in the supermarket is the salad dressing aisle.  If you have a healthy oil and a kind of vinegar, you can make something that tastes bettter, is way cheaper, and allows you to express your creative flair in the kitchen.  I really enjoy this sweet/tangy blackberry vinaigrette for its summer flavor.

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A day at the P.A. Bowen Farmstead

Wilson gets to milk a cow for the first timeThe P.A. Bowen farmstead, a small working farmstead in Brandywine, Maryland not far from Washington DC . . . The where, the who, the what and the why this neat historic farmstead turns out to hold a very special place for us at Pantry Paratus. 

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Recipe: Honey-Mustard Chicken N' Apple Skillet

Honey-Mustard Chicken n' Apple Skillet

This one has been in my repertoire for about 15 years.  It is delicious and filling, and it is also a convienent skillet meal requiring things you have on hand. 

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