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4 Steps to Sanity: Setting Priorities for a Healthy Homesteading Life

Setting Priorities We all know we should have our priorities defined, we probably all have at one time.  But how are you living those out?  Here are 4 practical steps to refine those priorities so that you can actually live by them in a peaceful way.

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Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerance: Definitions & Practical Realities

Food Allergy or IntoleranceIf food makes you hurt, wheeze, or itch, this one is for you.  Or if your niece is coming for dinner and has a list of things she cannot eat, this might help.  It is easy to get confused--so easy, that even the best doctors in the world took 2 years to pin down the definitions.  Let's talk about that--and more importantly--the practical realities.

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Elk Hunting, talking shop with David Holder Part 2

David Holder StaffPlease help me welcome back David Holder of Raised  Today during part two of our interview with him we will be talking about fair chase, life as a professional hunter, safety in the back woods, ring tones and of course elk hunting.

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Elk Hunting, talking shop with David Holder Part 1

David Holder ARO Does anyone have a good recipe for Elk Tag? Wilson had to eat his this to inspire the broken-hearted, let's hear from David Holder of  During this two part interview we will be talking shop about elk hunting. 

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Someone Gets a Wonder Junior Deluxe & Drill Bit Attachment (& We Keep Our Food Freedom)

Grain Mill RafflePantry Paratus is partnering with Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund--these are the superheroes that traded in capes for briefcases and protect our threatened food freedom.  Someone is going to get a Wonder Junior Deluxe with a Drill Bit Attachment...and we will all get to keep our freedom. 

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10 Things I DON'T Miss About Having a Microwave

10 Things I Don't Miss about Having a MicrowaveSimplicity.  It shouldn't be so hard.  I can tell you that ditching this was a big move towards simplicity for us.  This has absolutely nothing to do with health or science....let's look at the practical side of losing the electronic humming counter-monster called the microwave. 

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