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My Food Swap Experience: Inside & Out of Attending, Organizing, & Enjoying

Food SwapWe were recently introduced to the Food Swap Movement springing up all over our country (and apparently, Europe also).  We are enthralled with this local-economy, find-your-kitchen, meet-your-neighbor experience.  Here is what you need to know, from the firsthand experience of someone who actually organizes them.  Meet Marie, and meet her passion.

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Free & Starts Today: Nourished Living Summit Online

Nourished Living SummitWhat if I told you that you could sit in on the top professionals in the health & wellness fields, and that you could do it for free, starting today, on your OWN timetable, and on subjects relevant to your family?  We believe in this--education is a big part of our mission.  We want you to know about this free educational opportunity.  But it starts today and each session is only available for 48 hours each---so check it out now!

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Turn Old Utensils Into Practical Household Items

Repurposing old itemsBefore you trash it....take pause.  Turn it over in your hands for a minute...could this be the beginning of creative genius? Naomi Shaw joins us today with a few ideas to get your creative juices can we repurpose those old and forgotten items from around the house?

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Garden Creativity: The Productive Kind

Garden CreativityI am not the cutesy-craftsy, artsy-fartsy, Holly HappyHammer type. I do, however, love food.  The real kind...and thus, I garden.  The good news is that I do have friends who share my affinity for tasty homegrown food and they do it with flair.  We are sharing our favorite gardening tips--and even a few pinterest-worthy garden crafts--to inspire you this season.

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Is the Excalibur Just Another Brand Name or Worth It?

Dehydrating Herbs by Common Sense HomesteadingThere is really only one brand name you hear when people talk about food dehydration--Excalibur.  It's almost assumed that it is the only one worth owning.  There are cheaper ones you can pick up at the local box store, so is it worth it?

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How to Make Jam with Only Natural Sweeteners

How to Make Blackberry JamHoney.  Stevia.  Xylitol, fruit juice concentrate, or agave.  The possibilities are endless when you make your homemade jams and jellies.  I can feed my family homemade jelly knowing that it's a fruit serving and not a sugary treat laden with food coloring or corn syrup.  I can glaze a chicken with orange marmalade or top my yogurt with blackberry jam and know its nourishing.  Today I will teach you how to make blackberry, blueberry, apple, or grape jam without any fake or processed sugars!

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