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Homesteading, Food Preservation, Frugality, and Simple Living.  At Pantry Paratus, we mix it up with good old-fashioned “how-to”, food science, and recipes.

Using Leaves in the Wild

Using Leaves: Mullein

Sometimes the solution is right in front of us all along.  Today’s post might save your life–certainly, it might make things easier on a camping, hunting, or hiking trip. If you find yourself on the side of the road with a long walk to the gas station–there is a use for leaves to help you out.  Please welcome James Smith, who wrote this article for Pantry Paratus, based on many of his own experiences.

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Why Green Cleaning Is Frugal

homemade cleaners

Edna is our cleaning contributor to Pantry Paratus; she is back with a persuasive piece on making your own cleaners as a way to cut down on your budget!

If you are new at green cleaning, or have not even begun yet, there are a few very important things you need to know about it caring for your home in an ecological way.   You have likely read all about its benefits to the environment and how it is not dangerous to people’s health, those facts are all true. But what you might have missed or did not pay attention to is the fact that green cleaning is also economical and frugal.

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Preparedness & The Simple Life: Announcing a Free Summit to Get You Started

Preparedness and Simple Living

Preparedness.  The Simple Life.  Self-Sufficiency.


God never meant us to live this way, I’m convinced.  There are people who never see the light of day, never talk to a neighbor, never eat something out of the ground. They may never sit at the table for a meal, be asked how their day went by a loved one, or pet an animal.  This is not normal.

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Last Minute House Guests? 6 Tips & Tricks

Produce, Prepare, & Preserve Your Harvest

I love having people over.  I detest the undue stress I place on myself when I have fair warning that guests are coming.  I actually thrive with the unexpected variety, because no excuses shall be made: yes people, this is how we live…well, sort of.  I do pull some last minute trickery, and I’m going to let you in on my secrets.  But then I thought that perhaps I am missing a few great tricks, too!  I put the question about last minute house guests to our facebook fans on the Pantry Paratus page…and wow–they’ve got some great advice I’m going to try next time.

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12 Minute Recipe: Buttered Fish in White Wine with Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Buttered Fish in White Wine with Cranberry Sauce

I originally posted this recipe in 2013, and it is a family favorite.  Yesterday, I served it to a last-minute house guest who made 2 major comments: it was delicious and he’d “have to remember this recipe” himself, and that he would never have thought to pair a cranberry sauce with fish.  It definitely has a Norwegian taste combination that is a sure hit with family and guests alike!  If you’ve not made this one, plan it for a busy day this week when you know you won’t have time for more than a…12 minute meal!

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Soup Night: A Food Storage Recipe that Pops!

Vegetable and Sausage Soup

Wow!  This was amazing, and multiple helpings were had by all.  My inspiration, as nearly all good soups are, was based upon a recipe from the book, “Soup Night.”  These recipes are fantastic just as they are and I rarely make changes.   I do, however, utilize my food storage to keep up a rotation of it, and this recipe is a perfect mix of flavor and practicality. Enjoy this food storage recipe for the pop of flavor!

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Small Kitchen Storage: Pots and Pans

hanging pots

Edna joins us again to share her tips for making the most of storage in small kitchens. 

If you have a small kitchen, you should organize it so that the utensils and tableware in it take less space. Let’s discuss some ideas on how to store your pots and pans so that they will be handy without taking up too much valuable room.  Use one of these ideas to make your kitchen tidy and functional. Once organized, cleaning your kitchen after use will take less effort and take less time.

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Chicken Statistics for the Nerds Among You

one of our chickens

Okay, this is the world’s shortest blog post; I just had to divulge my nerdity with someone so that I might feel less alone in this forever-fascinating world.  Do any of you just get curious?  I mean, to the point of spending 2 hours online searching out the answer for your own mental satiation?   I actually do this all of the time. And it feels good to confess it.

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Pressure Cooking: Controversy & Science

Pressure Cooking: Controversy & Science

(originally published on Pantry Paratus in 2012, this piece has circulated quite a few times! We’ve made some updates…enjoy!)

Some swear by pressure cooking because of high altitude living constraints, meat tenderizing, energy reduction, nutrient preservation, or convenience.  Other advise against pressure cooking because it leaches antioxidants, makes meat stringy and dry, or because they believe it to be a dangerous procedure.  So which is it?

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