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The Lazy Girl’s 3-Step Guide to Veggie Gardening

The Lazy Girl's 3 Step Guide to Veggie Gardening

It pains me to say this out loud, but I am insanely lazy. If there is a shortcut to take, you can bet I’ll find it. Luckily, when it comes to gardening, there are a number of plants that acquiesce to my laziness — allowing me to have all the deliciousness of home grown veggies, without the backbreaking labor.

I’m here today to share with you my three step guide to lazy veggie gardening. However, as is so often the case with convenience, this system involves spending some cold-hard cash. If you’re looking for frugal gardening tips, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

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Spring Cleaning Benefits: More than clutter & dust

spring cleaning benefits

Do people still do the proverbial “Spring Cleaning” anymore? Or do we just hit the weekly checklist and hope that by maintaining the daily-do, we’re alright?

Spring Cleaning is for more than just clutter, or dust.  We hit those with the daily list, do we not?  Spring Cleaning will alert you that a mouse took up residence under the couch (cuz, well, you moved it–and when did you do that last?).  It alerts you that there is mold under the kitchen sink (cuz, well, you pulled absolutely everything out of that cupboard–and when did you do that last?).

Spring Cleaning is like a reset button.

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Why Keeping Bees Might Be the Best Thing You Ever Did for Your Garden

Keeping Bees Best Thing for your garden

On Keeping Bees…

I was absolutely petrified of bees as a child — like, running away, screaming, and waving my arms petrified. It wasn’t until I attended a local lavender festival a few years ago that I changed my mind about our little striped friends. As I snipped branches of culinary lavender and placed it in my basket, I noticed the honey bees swarming the flowers had absolutely no interest in my activities. They didn’t dive bomb me, nor did they sting me.

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Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Meet our guest blogger at the end of this article!  Thanks Calvin, for sharing this delicious, traditional Texas food with us–for all of our special occasions!

Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Texas is a fantastic state with a great culture all of its own. Whether you yourself are from Texas and want to return there for a traditional Texan style wedding (complete with Texas food), or you live in the lone star state and are having your wedding locally, then you’ll find it is an amazing place to get married. Of course, you can have any style of wedding you like in Texas, especially in major cities like Dallas and Houston, and there are some wonderful places to check out like the award winning wedding venue in Houston, Chateau Polonez (plan your Houston wedding here). However, it can really make your day memorable if you incorporate at least some traditionally Texan elements into your day – allowing you to bring some of that famous Texas hospitality to your guests and make a real celebration.

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Gardening Like a Ninja: Giveaway, Free Course, & Interview

Giveaway, e-course, and interview

The secrets to food production in landscaping are here!  You’ve got a front row seat.  I’ll wait while you go get a cup of tea.

We’ve got a fantastic giveaway and a huge announcement about how you can take an edible landscaping course for free.  So stick with me.  But to truly understand how far you can still come on your journey to food production, you just must read this interview!

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What is BTHQ, BHT & BHA? –Food-Safe (Just Ask the FDA)

What is BTHQ, BHT, & BHA?

Everyone must make their own decisions about the allowable level of toxins permitted into their home and I am not one to preach.  The Toxin Police coming into my home will see a scented candle, a small container of coffee, and even a bottle of carpet cleaner.  The journey to a fully healthy and sustainable home is far from complete for me, as I am sure it is still a work in progress for most of my readers.  So no judgments here. 

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