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Repurposing.  Recycling.  Re-thinking everything to make the most of it all.

What Momma Wants: Mother’s Day Sales

Mothers Day Sales

I’m really terrible at Mother’s Day.

I’m really terrible at birthdays, anniversaries, house-warmings, and anything that requires a glance at the calendar weeks in advance.

I rock at babies and just-because.

So, just in case you’re terrible at Mother’s Day, too, it’s coming up.  May 14th.

If you want to order something (hint, hint), maybe so that you have a convenient excuse to not wrap it, or maybe so it goes straight to her door, then we recommend you order by May 8th or 9th.  We’ll send it priority, most likely anyway, but specify when you order that it’s for Mother’s Day and we’ll get it there, if you order by midnight May 9th.

I’ll throw out some awesome suggestions that go well beyond another cardigan sweater or another necklace with a “Mom” pendant.  And these aren’t just any suggestions, these are what Mom would really love to have but she just doesn’t buy for herself.

The Roo Gardening Apron

#1 Mother’s Day Gift for 4 Years Running (and on sale)!

blue roo gardening apronThis water-resistant gardening apron is like nothing else for collecting the harvest; it’s adjustable straps criss-cross to evenly distribute weight, and it’s giant pocket dumps from the bottom.  I don’t use buckets anymore, which keeps me from twisting or reaching awkwardly with fruit harvests. It’s great for dead-heading and yard cleanup too.

Several colors, available, too!

We frequently sell 2 or 3 of these at a time (“one for me, and one for the MIL and Mom, too”).  Now is a good time–SALE!



Marble Cheese Entertaining Set

If your mom is the type constantly taking a dish or having friends over, this matching cheese set is a beautiful idea! First of all, they are marble, so you’re getting points for class.  Secondly, they’re both on sale, meaning that you can get both pieces for what you’d have normally spent on a single gift.  More to unwrap!

Oh, one quick (but important) detail.  Our website calculates shipping by weight and these are heavy, but I happen to know that we can ship them Priority Flat Rate, and we’ll return any excess shipping cost to you that checkout may have incurred (or feel free to order by phone at 406-334-0185).

The Gift of Time

Krona Steamer & Juicer

Krona Steamer & Juicer

This one isn’t for every mom, but it is for the homesteading mom with fruit trees, the DIY mom with the from-scratch kitchen, or for the 1-pot-for-everything type.  That’s the because the Krona juicer and steamer is a major time-saver in processing fruits.

It makes juice in just 3 steps.

It also works as a roaster, baker, a serving dish, and you can use it as a pot on the stovetop.

It’s also 25% Off!  Crazy, huh?


Elegant Trash

Time to get rid of Mom’s nasty compost bucket.

compost keeper and lid, 1 gallon stainless steel

Most people tell me about the ice cream bucket under the sink. Or even worse–on the counter.  The problem is that they are more than ugly, they smack you in the face with the stench if you waited just a day too long to empty it in the compost pile out back.

A compost keeper from Pantry Paratus matches the décor and has a (washable) filter to protect your kitchen from odors.

You can choose to use bags in it for easier cleanup, or just rinse it out!

UPDATE: We just sold out of the floral and the white units. Black & Stainless Steel still available for Mother’s Day.

Books, Books, and Books

We have nearly all of our books on sale right now, and they cover everything from gardening to cooking, to food preservation.  A lot of great homesteading and how-to titles to browse! Go straight to our book section or mosey on over to our sales page (cuz’ we all start there first, don’t we?).

Nothing quite says “Mom” like a book with the word “Ninja” in the title.

Anyway, we hope that this has given you a few ideas.  Remember to deal with Mother’s Day soon or it’s going to sneak up on you!

P.S.–we tried to choose items in the $20 dollar range for you, but if you’re a big spender on Mom, don’t forget that we are an authorized dealer of the following (some of which are also on sale):

  • Berkey Water Purification Systems
  • Excalibur Dehydrators
  • Wondermill Grain Mills
  • Chop Rite Grinders and Presses
  • Stove Lite Pro Thermoelectric Lanterns
  • All American Pressure Canners

…and more!  Browse our site–hope to see you around.

Mothers Day Sales

Deciding to DIY or Outsource Your Home Project

Deciding your home project

When you have a to-do list of home projects you need to complete, the decision to DIY or outsource is important. Whether the project is small (like replacing a porch board), or large (like adding onto your home), both DIY and outsourcing will present unique pros and cons. Before reaching a decision, thoroughly research what to look for in a professional. Also, carefully assess exactly what you’re getting into before you start a DIY project.

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Non-toxic Pantry Items to Clean the House (plus recipes)

nontoxic pantry items to clean the house

Our everyday products which we use for cleaning, polishing, washing and disinfecting are necessities that we cannot live without. Advertisements have been telling us that our houses are full of deadly germs and virus that may attack us and make us sick.

We believe that we are always surrounded by diseases that may just inflict on us anytime, and to make ourselves safe, we obsessively try to keep our surroundings sanitized by using endless toxic products that smell sweet but are full of harmful chemicals like phthalates, perchloroethylene, triclosan and many others.

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Florida will make these emergency preparedness items tax exempt

We have talked about emergency preparedness a lot on our site lately.  We believe in kitchen self-sufficiency and traditional skills because they are healthy, economical, environmentally friendlier than packaged foods, and…because they ensure a greater sense of security in the face of disaster.  Disaster preparedness is on our minds this time of year, knowing that we are just around the corner from Tornado Season and Hurricane Season in many parts of our country.

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Things Besides Food to Have for Short-Term Emergencies

things besides food to have for short-term emergencies

Snow storms, grid-down situations, extreme temperatures and social unrest, there are plenty of reasons you could be forced to stay inside your home for a few days, maybe even a week. Emergencies happen all the time and there’s no reason to assume they won’t affect you at some point, even though, until now, they were things that happened to “other people”.  It’s time to get ready for short-term emergencies.

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To the Point: Knife Sharpening

knife sharpening-how knives sharpen and how to make yours last

Knife Sharpening

& How to Make Your Knives Last


I am frugal, and I cannot afford to replace the knives we have Knife on breadwhen they start to go dull.  I am also clumsy and I run a much greater risk of losing an appendage if my knives are dull.  It is true that sharp knives are safer than dull ones. 

Every knife dulls.  It does not matter what they say about it; some will keep the original edge longer than others, but the fact remains that every knife dulls.

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Financial Preparedness: 3 Tips for Your Children’s Future

Financial Preparedness

When my husband and I were sorting through my late mother-in-law’s final arrangements, I realized we hadn’t done nearly enough in our own future planning. It was scary to imagine a situation where my children would be on their own, and it brought up a lot of worst case scenarios I never wanted to think about. But preparing for any situation is crucial to my family’s well-being, especially to my children’s future, and in the end I feel a lot better knowing we’ve taken care of everything.

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Produce, Prepare, & Preserve.