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Chicken Statistics for the Nerds Among You

one of our chickens

Okay, this is the world’s shortest blog post; I just had to divulge my nerdity with someone so that I might feel less alone in this forever-fascinating world.  Do any of you just get curious?  I mean, to the point of spending 2 hours online searching out the answer for your own mental satiation?   I actually do this all of the time. And it feels good to confess it.

Tonight, a kid picked a library book from the bag that started my downward spiral: it was A Chicken Followed Me Home! by Robin Page.   It was basic chicken care for children, but it contained a factoid or two that got me thinking:  how many eggs, how much meat do we consume?  I kept digging (mostly on sites like the USDA and the National Chicken Council) until I found enough answers to call it a night.  And since you are still reading this, you’re a nerd, too.

Thank you for that.  I feel less alone already.

Chicken Stats

Chicken Stats


Interested in some great homesteading resources about raising chickens?  Glad you asked…

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