Get the Fail-Proof Gift: Book Sale AND Giveaway

Get The Fail-Proof Gift

With a Book Sale AND a Book Giveaway



 For years I only saw my brother at Christmas.  Every year, we gave each other books.  For two people who had little connection, those books brought us together, gave us something to share and they forged a pathway towards building the relationship that we now enjoy.  I wouldn’t have chosen the books that he chose and so I even learned something about myself.  My favorite book of poetry was from him.  I, the non-fiction reader, stayed up way too late to turn the pages of a thriller.  These gifts, over time, taught us each about the other and taught us each about ourselves. 


Chaya caught reading



You can’t go wrong with a book.


We are going to start off by giving a few away. 


Pantry Paratus Book Giveaway

We just added many new titles, some about homestead meats and butchery, some about herbs & herbal teas, even a book about bringing community together for a soup night.  We have reduced the prices on our selection as low as you are going to ever find them (if you find a new copy of any of these titles for less, email me at 

Check out the entire selection!

Get a fail-proof gift for that person you want to know better.

Surprise them.  Learn about each other, and…enjoy a great book this holiday season!


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What we’re giving away:

Canning & Preserving Your Harvest      Made From Scratch     Fresh From the Garden Cookbook






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