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Sale!Gourmet Truffles Recipe Trifold
Gourmet Truffles by Ernie Ritter

Digital Download: Gourmet Truffle Recipe Trifold

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Gourmet Truffle Recipe Trifold

This digital download is a trifold recipe page created by Ernie and Erica Wisner (author of “Art of Fire,” well-known rocket mass heater instructors, and more).

Start by learning proven tips to making the perfect gourmet truffle, and begin making the basic recipe first.  Once you have mastered the basic gourmet truffle, move on to over 10 variations, including the non-dairy and vegan truffle!

Learn multiple gourmet truffle recipes, including:

  • Orange-anise
  • RosaMundi
  • Mojito Fizz
  • Aztec Spice
  • Raspberry hearts
  • various fruit-chocolate recipes
  • much more!

As a digital product, you have the freedom to keep a copy on your device for quick reference, or print one out and laminate it for tireless use as you bake.

Make sure you save a copy–you have only 3 downloads after purchase!


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