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Ultimate Pickle Jar Home Fermenting System

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The Ultimate Pickle Jar Home Fermenting System is the only weightless system, eliminating the problem of food above water getting mold.  It permits the air to escape (as in typical airlock systems) but does not create the liquid level problem of many other systems.

Assembly and use is simple and step-by-step.  The system is reusable for many, many years.

This home fermenting system is designed to place over 4 pounds of force to directly compact your jar contents under the brine.  It also allows totally unobstructed access to the brine surface, in the event you would need to remove any yeast growth.

Each home fermenting system kit also contains an extra lid with gasket, so that you can make the most of each system by having one mason jar fermenting, and one capped while in refrigeration after you have completed the fermentation process.  In other words, you can enjoy one jar while making another with just one kit!

Material Safety:

  • All BPA-free plastic for the lids
  • Gaskets and grommets are silicone
  • The Stainless Steel is 3/16 grade (food grade for high acid or for salt environments)
  • The plunger is silicone and stainless steel

Ultimate Pickle Jar

Your kit comes with:

  1. An instruction booklet
  2. 1 plunger
  3. 1 launcher
  4. 1 adjusting rod
  5. 2 heavy duty food grade BPA-free silicone gaskets
  6. 1 heavy duty food grade BPA-free silicone grommet, already installed
  7. 1 Ball brand BPA-free plastic storage lid with 5/8″ hole
  8. 1 Ball brand BPA-free plastic storage lid without hole
  9. wine-making airlock
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