Reloading large game rounds with the Troubled Shooter

Reloading Large Game Rounds


A Video Blog with the Troubled Shooter



Here in Montana “going out to get food” may also include taking a hunting implement into the woods to retrieve large game.  We got the basics in this video blog from the Troubled Shooter here on reloading:


To get your reloading done safely and properly be sure to have the proper reloading data, a reloading manual, properly sized reloading dies and your requisite reloading supplies.  Follow your instruction manual or ask an experienced person to help you. 




Pro Deo et Patria


Proviso: Hunting and/or shooting sports have inherient danger.  There is nothing here that suggest that you ought to try this.  If you do choose to reload (in accordance with the laws governing your area) do so at your own risk. 


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