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The False Dichotomy of Black Friday

Christmas Simplicity

This was an email newsletter I sent before “Black Friday” last year.  It’s a bit controversial, but it’s important to us.  Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Logic Lesson: What is a False Dichotomy?

A False Dichotomy (or “false dilemma”) is when someone pits 2 opposing thoughts, requiring you to choose one of the 2 extremes (ignoring the possibility of alternatives).
  This is a major ploy of retailers.  How do I know?  I am one.

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Why We Eat Together As a Family

Why We Eat Together As a Family


Intentional Living.  It sounds like a great name for an e-book or a self-help seminar but WOW is it harder in real life.  I intend to do many things within the vacuum of my mind, until that bombardment we call reality manifests, crashing through my best intentions! Crises, schedules, and too many commitments often get in the way of my ideals.  I will speak with some authority when I say that in spite of the chaos, there are some things that our family has not compromised.  Dinnertime is a biggie. Continue reading