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Soup Night: A Food Storage Recipe that Pops!

Vegetable and Sausage Soup

Wow!  This was amazing, and multiple helpings were had by all.  My inspiration, as nearly all good soups are, was based upon a recipe from the book, “Soup Night.”  These recipes are fantastic just as they are and I rarely make changes.   I do, however, utilize my food storage to keep up a rotation of it, and this recipe is a perfect mix of flavor and practicality. Enjoy this food storage recipe for the pop of flavor!

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Making Pickles with Fermentation

Making Pickles with Fermentation

Pickles are personal.  Since pickled (or fermented) veggies are so easy to make at home, I can get creative and make them just as I like them!  In fact, if you want to get the great probiotic benefits of a true fermented vegetable and avoid unnecessary food coloring and preservatives, you have no choice but to make them at home.  Cutting out Yellow #5 and #6 is what finally led me to make my own cucumber dills, and if I occasionally eat a store-bought one at a picnic, I’m taken aback at how slimy and flavorless they seem to me now.

Making Pickles


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Sausage on Kale and Cannellini


This is not an original recipe, I ripped it off of one of the Greats.  I have never made a recipe from Emeril before to my recollection, but I’d definitely try more from him based upon my results with this one.  I really do not understand our culture of famous cooks.  There are some famous food bloggers whose recipes I’ve attempted multiple times with zero success.  I’m left scratching my head—how did it get to be that people hang on every word?  I want to ask, “Have you TRIED any of those recipes?”

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Sausage on a Bed of Kale & Cannellini

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