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8 DIY Natural Moisturizer Recipes for Soft Hydrated Skin

DIY Natural Moisturizers

Soft, hydrated skin is elegant, dare I say alluring.  It’s easily recognizable as a result of the evident radiance. But here is the question: “Is it possible for me to have such soft and hydrated skin–and without harsh products?”  The availability of DIY natural moisturizers that can be put together without complications make it possible for you to groom such enviable skin. We’re going to give you 8 natural moisturizer recipes!

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Sausage on Kale and Cannellini


This is not an original recipe, I ripped it off of one of the Greats.  I have never made a recipe from Emeril before to my recollection, but I’d definitely try more from him based upon my results with this one.  I really do not understand our culture of famous cooks.  There are some famous food bloggers whose recipes I’ve attempted multiple times with zero success.  I’m left scratching my head—how did it get to be that people hang on every word?  I want to ask, “Have you TRIED any of those recipes?”

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Sausage on a Bed of Kale & Cannellini