Pantry Paratus is your go-to source for everything from putting away the harvest, to making sure your family’s kitchen is fully stocked for every season. We recently relaunched out store and are investing heavily in adding new lines of high quality products. We strive to offer USA-made products whenever possible.

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WonderMill Mills & Mixers
10 Tray Excalibur
Excalibur Dehydrators, Grinders, & More
blue roo gardening apron
Roo Gardening Aprons

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canning essentials 6 piece set

Canning Supplies

  • Water Bath Canners
  • Pressure Canners
  • Canning Lids
  • Pectin
  • Mason Jar Accessories

Chop Rite Grinder

Meat Preservation

  • Electric & Hand-Powered Grinders
  • Food Slicers
  • Meat Preservation Books



Kitchen Supplies


Food Processing

  • Sauce Master Food Strainers
  • Sauce Master Accessories

Roo Joey Apron

Homestead Gear

  • Gardening Aprons
  • Books & DVDs

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About Pantry Paratus

Our Team

Pantry Paratus was founded in 2011 and recently relaunched in 2018. Paratus is latin for “ready” or “prepared”. It is our desire to see everyone think seriously about what the family is eating, where it comes from, and how they can preserve their surplus and prepare that pantry for the lean times.

Our Commitment

We endeavor to equip and to teach pantry preparedness–healthy, wholesome food to nourish the family from the inside out, today and in the future. We strive to offer quality made products, USA-made whenever possible, and we do our best to support small producers and family-owned small businesses whenever we can.

Giving Back

We believe in food abundance for all, and have committed to donating a portion of our profits to non-profits who are creating change in food systems that support families in need.

Why Buy From Us?

  1. The majority of our products are priced lower than comparable options on Amazon.
  2. We’re a family run store based in Seattle, WA. Your dollars go back into a community.
  3. Free shipping on orders over $150.
  4. Discounts for active military and students.

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