4 Must-Have (Hard-to-Kill) Succulent Plants

4 Must-Have Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are easy to grow because they have juicy leaves, stems or roots which store water. Even if you forget to water them from time to time, they will survive. You can seed succulent plants alone or together with others. There are a number of colors from which to choose, and something will be perfect to liven up your home.  Still not sure what we’re talking about? As an example, all of the cacti plant species are succulent. These plants are very easy to grow because they like warmth and dry humidity, which most homes can offer.

Succulent plants prefer direct sunlight but are able to adopt to lower light too. You can keep them in pots which are fast-draining. Don’t water them too frequently. Let the soil dry well before watering again.

 Succulent Plant #1: Burro’s Tail

burros tail succulent plant
burros tail succulent plant

This plant’s other name is Sedum morganianum.  Some call it the “Jelly Bean Plant” for the leaf shape. It is recommended to keep it in a hanging basket. Its leaves can have grey-blue or grey-green colors which can reach up to 3 feet length. The plant comes from Mexico and likes medium to high sunlight. Allow the soil to slightly dry between watering. You should fertilize it once during the summer. It blooms very rarely and when it does red or pink flowers appear on the top of the stems. Some varieties can bloom up to twice a year, so research based upon preference before buying.

The leaves of burro’s tail fall very easily even from the slightest touch. Keep the plant somewhere out of reach of children and pets. Provide regular cleaning of the fallen leaves. Buro’s tail love bright sunlight but when exposed to it directly from a shaded place can get burnt.

Succulent Plant #2: Jade Plant

Jade Plant
By Karelj – Public Domain

The other name of the plant is Crassula ovata. This is a South African plant very easy to grow which makes it favorite to many people. It has dense lustrous green leaves with red hue and thick stems. You should allow the soil to dry well between watering. Be careful not to pour water too often or to much to this plant. Use a 10-10-10 fertilizer to apply three times per summer. Seed jade plant in a terracotta pot so that the soil has enough air circulation and the plant has balance in it. Jade plants have tiny root systems and don’t often need moving to larger pots. Prune the plant to keep both of its sides symmetrical. Seeding new jade plants from the one you have is easy – just cut leaves or branches and seed them in the soil.

Succulent Plant #3: Medicine Plant

Repotting an Aloe Vera
Repotting an Aloe Vera

This plan is popular under the name Aloe Vera. It has been used to treat injuries, sunburn and wounds. It has sharp leave tops which can scratch the skin of passers-by so, GardenersMates W9 recommends to keep it at a suitable place. Don’t leave water staying in the pot of the plant. Let the soil dry before watering for the next time. It likes direct sunlight and you should put it at some place with a lot of light. Aloe Vera should be fertilized three times during summer. When moving to another pot use cactus mix.

 Succulent Plant #4: Panda plant

Leonora Enking from West Sussex, England – Kalanchoe tomentosa, public domain

The Panda Plant, or Kalanchoe Tomentosa,  comes from Madagascar and is grown mainly for its attractive foliage. The leaves are thick and green with mild silver hairs and brown rusty appearing tops. Panda plant doesn’t flower and has a fuzzy greenish blue-grey look, but many of its relatives in the Kalanchoe family have amazing blooms in every color imaginable. Let the top 2 inches of its soil in the pot dry completely before watering again. Place the pot with panda plant in filtered medium to bright light.




 Basic Care for Succulent Plants

To keep your home and workplace look fresh and revitalized grow any of the succulent plant species described above. They are easy to be looked after and don’t require any special cares. Provide cleaning of the fallen leaves around them regularly. Put a plant or two in your rooms to make them more alive. Provide regular cleaning of the leaves from dust to keep them healthy.

4 Must-Have Succulent Plants
4 Must-Have Succulent Plants


Do you have a succulent plant you find easy to grow? Or what tips do you have for growing these 4 suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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