41 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

41 alternative uses for Coca-Cola

The rise of Diabetes directly corresponds with the rise of obesity in the United States.  You’re not surprised.

The rate of liver disease is 55% greater for those who drink a soda on a daily basis.  I’m stating the obvious.

Keep It Or Throw It Away?

People ask me for help when transitioning to real, traditional food.  Nearly always, they ask, “What do I do with all of this stuff in my pantry?”  Pitch it.  Get rid of it.  Throw it away.  Don’t give it away to poison someone else.  Don’t save it “just in case” (temptations are stronger than you sometimes).

Your health will immediately improve when you stop drinking soda.  And in the long-term.  Read about what happens to your body when you stop drinking soda. Coca-Cola (and other sodas like it) are corrosive.

In my signature snarky way, I hope to prove my point by sharing an exclusive infograph developed for Pantry Paratus. Well, the designer slipped a few ingestion ideas in there, but I think you’ll get my point just the same.

Here are 41 alternative uses for Coca-Cola.

41 alternative uses for coca-cola

This was adapted for Pantry Paratus from the original. Now that you’ve moved the soda from the pantry to the toxic chemical shelf, read more about sugar and how your body responds to them with these articles:

Sugar: The Science, The History, & The Love Affair
Sugar: The Science, The History, & The Love Affair

What sweeteners are doing to you

2 thoughts on “41 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

  1. Coca-cola is dangerous… You can use it to remove permanent hair dye and to clean a looot of nasty stuff.. So how can someone drink it, really??? I’m shocked. I quit drinking coke like 7 years ago.

    1. Exactly! I spend so much time trying to explain how and why this type of stuff is dangerous, but I don’t think anything makes the point as well as seeing just what these chemicals are capable of doing.

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