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A Garden Blessing (& a giveaway)

A Garden Blessing

& May You Have…

Health, Strong Children, Good Food, & Educated Choices


I tripped over the bag of soil that never made it past the laundry room door.  It is a reminder of my trepidation.  Or maybe it is a reminder of misplaced priorities.

Garden Priorities

I prioritize health.  I prioritize strong children.  I prioritize good food and educated choices. 

But I have not prioritized the beginnings of this year’s garden.  Last year’s attempts were—okay I am just going to be honest here—it was a failure.  I blamed moving too late into the season and the deer (or something) that ate everything off to a nub to include an entire mulberry bush.  I blamed heat and a dry summer, and my busy schedule. 

I absolutely love gardening, the warmth of the sunshine on my neck, the coolness of the soil on my hands and toes, the sensation at the end of the day that “I did something”.   I love the idea of the garden, the ideal of the garden.  And I have yet to mention the juicy potato, the sweet carrot, the dark richness of a very squirty tomato.  Oh, there is no food on earth like that which you have grown for yourself.

I sometimes grow weary with the failed attempts at the things in life I love.  Things do not always come easily for me, gardening included.  It is, however, a conscientious and deliberate priority.

 Priorities are only as good as your “to do list” for the day, however.  If your wish does not convert to the currency of practical application, it has no value.  A bag of soil by my door, a dusty grow light brought in from the shed, a scattering of seed packets—those things do not equal fresh produce.  They must synthesize, work together, and become a singular event and place and moment in time.  Those elements must combine, not wholly unlike my passions for health, strong children, good food, and educated choices.              

I must combine my priorities to create a symphony of desire (or passion) that then translates to practical application.  Health, strong children, good food, and educated choices must—at the end of the day—result in a garden.

So for those out there who are afraid of the failed attempt, or for those who may be at a loss at which priority to scrap to make room for these priorities on the to-do list…for those friends reading this blog post, I give you this:

Garden Blessing

To Large Radishes,



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