Best Indoor Plants to Buy

Best Indoor Plants

If need a pick-me up, if you need to add some color and life to your living space, try some new indoor plants!  These are the best indoor plants to consider, and a plan of action to keep them alive.

Whether you plan or wish to grow ornamentals, a bee-friendly garden, or vegetables, much the same approach applies. You need to care for them and know what you’re getting and ensure that it suits the environment that you have. People who fail at growing plants, flowers or vegetables generally haven’t taken the time to understand the needs of the organism so it of course doesn’t survive!

This infographic from Capital Garden Services is a guide on what plants to choose depending on the situation you’re in. No matter why you want a plant, there’s one to suit you! After you check out the infograph below, be sure to read this article to help you take care of them well.

You can also learn how to grow food indoors here. 

Best Indoor Plants

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Best Indoor Plants

3 thoughts on “Best Indoor Plants to Buy

  1. Thanks so much for this handy post! I’m not much good with plants, but would love to have some indoor ones and the care tips are brilliant!

  2. Oxalis, great looking plant. Quite beneficent for our help too – the amount of vitamin C found in 100 grams of oxalis equals to more than 60% of the daily value for vitamin C!

  3. I love hibiscus. It blooms so beautiful!

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