California Residents Can Now Buy Berkeys!

California Update

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We are so excited for you.  We have spoken to many California residents who wanted a way to purchase this time-tested method for crystal-clear drinking water.  Now you can finally buy a unit for yourself.

Berkey Water Purification

The Background

The Berkey Water Purification Units are gravity-fed, free standing units that are extremely versatile for a wide variety of situations.  These are the water systems taken in to disaster areas by the Red Cross and other emergency personnel.  In spite of their very long history of consistent and pure water, California had placed new lead-free regulations that Berkey surpassed.  However, due to the ambiguous nature of the regulations and the unreasonable expense of repeated testing, the company that produces Berkey (New Mlilenium Concepts) withdrew from California and dealers were not permitted to ship to California addresses. 

The Good News

California has clarified their previous regulations and it is in no uncertain terms that the Berkey Purification Units exceed all requirements.  You can now buy Berkeys!


A Special Offer

1) Purchase a stainless steel Berkey Model (Imperial, Royal, Big, or Travel Berkey).

2) Place a Sport Berkey in your Shopping Cart (necessary for coupon code to read as “valid”).

3) Use Coupon Code: CA-WATER

Sport Berkey

Get a free Sport Berkey, a $25.50 value with the purchase of a Berkey System!


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California Update

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