The False Dichotomy of Black Friday

Christmas Simplicity

This was an email newsletter I sent before “Black Friday” last year.  It’s a bit controversial, but it’s important to us.  Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Logic Lesson: What is a False Dichotomy?

A False Dichotomy (or “false dilemma”) is when someone pits 2 opposing thoughts, requiring you to choose one of the 2 extremes (ignoring the possibility of alternatives).
  This is a major ploy of retailers.  How do I know?  I am one.

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5 Things To Avoid While Grilling

5 Things to avoid while grilling

Summers are just around the corner and ‘dads’ are readying their backyards for another season of extensive ‘grill parties’. The grass has been cut, the plants have been watered, the grill has been dusted off, and the guests have been invited. What remains to do is set the table in the backyard and begin grilling!

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Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Meet our guest blogger at the end of this article!  Thanks Calvin, for sharing this delicious, traditional Texas food with us–for all of our special occasions!

Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food
Delicious Wedding Ideas for Traditional Texas Food

Texas is a fantastic state with a great culture all of its own. Whether you yourself are from Texas and want to return there for a traditional Texan style wedding (complete with Texas food), or you live in the lone star state and are having your wedding locally, then you’ll find it is an amazing place to get married. Of course, you can have any style of wedding you like in Texas, especially in major cities like Dallas and Houston, and there are some wonderful places to check out like the award winning wedding venue in Houston, Chateau Polonez (plan your Houston wedding here). However, it can really make your day memorable if you incorporate at least some traditionally Texan elements into your day – allowing you to bring some of that famous Texas hospitality to your guests and make a real celebration.

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A Tasty Christmas Wish For Your Family, In Song

tasty Christmas wish

A Tasty Christmas Wish For Your Family

In (Silly) Song


Nothing says party like singing vegetables.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with family, friends, and….food!



From our family to yours,

Wilson, Chaya, & the kiddos

Apple Butternut Squash Soup

Apple Butternut Squash Soup

Autumn in a bowl!


Apple Butternut Squash


Apple Butternut Squash anything makes me excited it is autumn.  Oooh, am I ever excited about leftovers for lunch!

I served this apple butternut squash soup with my bread—with one main exception!  When I was ready to bake bread this week, I realized all-too-late that I did not have enough honey.  Without time to run to the store, I substituted ½ cup molasses instead.  My bread was rich, dark, and moist.  It has a complex flavor that any true bread-lover would savor.  It was a perfect pairing (with real butter) to this warming and filling soup.




* This butternut squash apple soup can easily be vegan—substitute vegetarian broth and a nut milk for the cream.

* I love the rich flavors of the spices and so I am personally heavy-handed.  I add more than what I listed for you.  You will need to use your discretion on the amount of the spices.

* This apple butternut squash soup recipe is creamy, rich, and more filling than most.  Hubby and myself only ate one bowl and were full.  If you are forever looking for a meatless meal that actually fills you, this is it!


Apple Butternut Squash Soup

1 yellow onion, chopped

5 small apples, chopped (no need to peel)

2 butternut squash, steamed or boiled

1 quart liquid broth (I used home-canned turkey broth)

½ cup water

1 quart half-and-half or thick cream (ideally cream from raw milk where it is legal)

½ stick butter

1 tsp lemon juice

3 bay leaves

1-2 tsp dried nutmeg, to taste

3 tsp dried sage

1-2 pinches salt, to taste

Pepper to taste




Sauté onion and apples in butter.  Add chunks of squash to a cast iron skillet, along with the lemon juice, bay leaves, nutmeg, sage, salt, and pepper.  Sauté the butternut squash and apple mixture only a few minutes with all of the spices, and then add ½ cup water to simmer for 5 minutes.

Transfer to a pot, add broth and cream.  Simmer for approximately 15 minutes.  Add additional seasoning to taste. 


Put portions in a blender to create a creamy finished product. 


Serve with fresh bread and butter!


I hope that you enjoy this Apple Butternut Squash treat as much as we do.  It is even better on the second day!  Give this a shot and leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of it.