Chaya’s Basic Pasta Recipe

My Simple and Quick Pasta Recipe


A Stinging Nettle Recipe for Homemade Pasta


This is my go to recipe for pasta.

Yes,  you get flour on the counter.  Maybe a dusting of it on the floor, too.  

                                                         Chaya holding pasta strands


You can, however, have a gourmet meal with little more than egg, water, and flour, and the investment of perhaps 15 minutes.  

                                                                           Children love helping


 To children, it is like mom sanctioned play-dough–and no one yells at you for eating it!  For dad, it is a comfort food that provides the smell of garlic throughout the house when he arrives home hungry and ready for family time.


                                                                         adding Stinging Nettle to pasta


 For mom, you know that you are feeding your family the freshest (and most economical) meal of the week.  You can even sneak in those otherwise-slimy green vegetables the kids will not eat.  This time, I added Stinging Nettle for a serious boost of nutrition.  Stay tuned for the next blog on cooking with Stinging Nettle


                                                      Adding Greens to pasta 


 In our house, Mom, Dad, and the children all participate in making batches of homemade pasta.


                                                                       Using my Atlas pasta machine



                                                                       homemade pasta noodles



 Sometimes we put it into the dehydrator for a quick meal another day…but we must always plan to cook a batch right away for that instant gratification.  I have not always found a lot of ways to enjoyably eat Stinging Nettle, but this is one Stinging Nettle recipe that is kid approved.

                                                                       finished pasta



Homemade Pasta Recipe 

 (serves 4)


4 eggs

1 cup water

4-4.5 cups freshly milled flour (soft white, hard white or durum wheat)

Spinach, Stinging Nettle, or other vegetables (optional)


Step 1:  Beat eggs.

Step 2: Add 1 cup water

Step 3:  Add 1 cup flour and stir well

Step 4:  Add in chopped greens or other vegetable as desired.

Step 5:  Add in the remainder of flour until pasta is very malleable like bread dough.  Knead for approximately 5 minutes until a smooth texture.

Step 6:  Roll out with rolling pin and feed through Atlas pasta machine.

Step 7:  Let pasta rest on counter as long as desired.  Boil for approximately 3 minutes.

Step 8: Serve with either butter and garlic or a sauce of your choice.





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2 thoughts on “Chaya’s Basic Pasta Recipe

  1. I have searched and searched, when making homemade pasta can I add my vegetable powders beet, spinach carrot or sweet potato to the flour then add my eggs, would this count as measurement of the flour

    1. No, don’t count them as a measure of flour or you might end up with a gloppy mess… This is what I do instead, I add the dry powders to the flour, and keep increasing water by the tablespoonfuls until I get the consistency I know I need to make dough. If you use less flour, your dough could instead become cakey (if you’re using eggs and you don’t use enough flour to keep the ratio right) or it could become gooey. I think, in the end, you’d be adding more flour to get it manageable.

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