Chocolate Truffle Recipe: 4 nourishing ingredients for this no-bake treat

Chocolate Truffle Recipe: 4 nourishing ingredients by Pantry Paratus

Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Only 4 nourishing ingredients for this no-bake delicacy


A Nourishing Truffle Recipe

I have never been so keenly aware to the superfluous –and harmful–ingredients used in some of my favorite indulgences.  Now that we have identified food allergies within our family, we cannot “cheat” on our whole foods (real, nourishing, traditional food) diet.  Oh, and did I ever cheat.

Chocolate Truffles

I created this recipe to reinvent one of my favorite indulgences–the classic truffle.  This truffle has the look, the melting sensation in your mouth, the spark of a perfectly balanced topping, and the deep rich chocolate aftertaste that instinctively required you to close your eyes and savor.   

 Here is the catch: this nourishing truffle recipe should make a full dozen.  You cannot eat every other one for me to keep my promise on that. See my remnants: 

 Chocolate Truffles


 Nourishing Chocolate Truffle Recipe

 1.  Soak the nuts for approximately ½ hour (overnight is really best for your health, but not necessary for the recipe).

2. Put the nuts and honey into your food processor until a smooth paste.  Add Frontier Organic Hot Cocoa powder and salt; combine until a thick, sticky paste.

 3. Place the batter into the freezer for 20-30 minutes  (just put the whole food processor bowl in there). 

 4. Once they have been stiffened in the freezer, roll out the balls onto a flat surface covered in the toppings of  your choice.  I use more cocoa, homemade dehydrated orange peel, and sesame seeds

 5. Place truffles onto baking paper in a pan, and store in refrigerator.



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