How to Avoid Cleaning a Nasty Oven (& Why You Should Never Use Aluminum Foil)

How to Avoid Cleaning a Nasty Oven

How to Avoid Cleaning a Nasty Oven

I got you with the title, eh?  Well, if you are an absent-minded cook like myself, you might not be able to avoid it entirely.  Sometimes I overfill a pan. Sometimes I  don’t cover what should be covered, and splatters occur.  This is where prevention will make your life easier. 

About 2 months ago, while cleaning my stove, I finally bought something for myself that Pantry Paratus has been selling forever.  Nearly everything in our catalog is there because I had it personally first, but then there are a few items that are even on my own wishlist.

And so, as I was scrubbing out the bottom of my oven, I thought,

“How much is this hour worth to me?.”

So I splurged and made the major purchase, costing me a whopping $11.99.

Is an hour of my time worth more than a dollar?  If so, then spending $1.00 for every cleaning hour I save in my life by a monthly scrubdown—in 1 calendar year—is a no brainer.


Why You Should Never Use Aluminum Foil  In Your Oven


About 6 months ago, the coil in my oven went out and I had to have the appliance repair man visit.  He said that although sometimes these coils burn out on their own, using aluminum foil to protect the oven floor can cause coil burnout, too.  GE says not to use it in their ovens as it carries the risk of shock and is a fire hazard.

Foil can also melt, ruining the bottom of your oven; when this happens, there is little to be done beyond replacing the floor of your oven itself.


I know many people who use foil, but the Norpro oven liner is a fool proof way to have something that rests flatly & evenly, never touching the coils.  Plus, it’s nonstick and wipes clean in a minute and can be cut down to fit your oven (but it didn’t need to be cut to fit perfectly in mine).

Norpro Oven Liner

You must use a silicone liner that withstands heat up to 500 degrees—there are other liners out there that claim to work, but can melt as badly as foil.

Norpro Oven Liner


So what is cleaning the floor of your oven worth to you?  A dollar?  A trip to the chiropractor from leaning into your oven that long?  I’ve cleaned my oven twice since using the liner, and although I had made a mess of the door once, the task was relatively easy…and only minutes.

You can pick one up here, at Pantry Paratus.

Hope that helps!




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