How to Encourage Kids to do Gardening

It’s not easy to let your kids go with you to do some gardening tasks, especially now that there are now electronic gadgets to keep them entertained. But did you know that letting kids join to do some gardening tasks is essential, as this will help them to learn and develop skills when it comes to nature and science.

Gardening is one of the healthiest and fun activities that a child can enjoy. This is also a good way to bond with your kids. If you are having a hard time letting your kids join you in the garden, then knowing how to encourage kids to do gardening will help.

Let Them Have Fun

Kids think of gardening as tiring tasks, especially whenever they see you plowing or weeding. For them to be able to have a good time, give them different choices, like watering the plants, planting the seeds, or harvesting. Avoid letting the kids do mundane tasks and always be ready to assist them when needed.

toddler watering plants

Provide Them Space

Provide your kids with an area where they can grow the seeds that they planted. Encourage them to decorate the space with whatever they want. Let them grow something that can easily be planted, such as herbs, flowers, and veggies. The reason behind this is because giving them something that can easily be planted will make them enjoy gardening instantly.

Gardening Tools

Another thing that can help them be encouraged is by providing them with the gardening tools that are especially made for children. Give them gloves that perfectly fit their small hands and hand tools that are designed to be used by kids. When it comes to watering cans, it would be best to choose something that is lighter in weight, or you can use a bottle with holes in them to serve as their waterer.

Begin Small

Give the kids a garden bed that is small where they can plant a couple of flower seeds. You can also let them plant tomatoes or strawberries in a pot. Once they get the hang of growing plants, then let them plant in larger quantities. Some of the easiest to grow are bok choy, celery, turnips, leeks, and carrots.

Choose Seeds that Provides Fast Results

Kids will love it if they see the plants that they have planted to germinate or grow quickly. You can let them plant radish or cress seeds since both of them have the ability to grow in a couple of days. You will see how excited they will be when once the seeds start to grow.

radishes in a child's hand

Get Artsy

Kids will surely love it if you include some art in their gardening tasks. Let your children help you in making a bird feeder or a scarecrow, just give them the necessary materials so they can make one. You can also let them paint rocks that can be used to label the plants that they are going to grow. Allow them to be creative as possible but make sure that they are using kid-friendly materials.

Teach them to Recycle

Teach your kids to recycle by using tin cans and kettle barbecue that are old to plant the seeds. Gather some of the things that you are no longer using and ask them to do the same. They can go to their rooms to check some of their old stuff so they can reuse it in your garden.

For instance, if they have surfboards, you can let them paint it and use it as a decoration in your garden. Old pencil cases can be used to plant peas.

old boot flowerpot

Prepare for Losses

Always tell your kids that there will be possibilities that the seeds that they planted won’t germinate and will eventually die. In this way, they won’t get disappointed if things like that happen. You can reduce the possibility of this happening by doubling the number of required seeds to be planted.

These are some of the tips on how to encourage kids to do gardening without really pressuring them to do so. By doing these tips above, your children will undoubtedly be inspired to plant their vegetables and fruits in your garden. Lastly, don’t forget to protect kids from mosquito attacking, by giving them the necessary insect protection that they need.

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