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It is not everyday that you get to meet a celebrity.  So when the planets aligned in the heavens just right, I happened to be travelling through Washington DC the same time Ann Marie Michaels of was there speaking at the Take Back Your Health Conference


I will admit, I did have a case of “awe of rank,” but I am very happy to report that someone as intelligent and well put together as Ann Marie is extremely easy to talk to and very grounded.  We did our interview outdoors so you will hear birds chirping, planes taking off from Dulles Airport and the wind blowing occasionally over the microphone.  Stick with it though, the exchange here is very good.  If you like Ann Marie you will love her by the end of the interview, if you have not met her yet—pull up a chair to listen!


Ann Marie and Wilson


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We talk about:

-Ann Marie’s bio and how she got started taking back her own health

-Social media and getting the real food message out there.  First get started, then build momentum.

-Starting your change where you are right now

-Truth in advertising, who sponsors the website from which you get your information?

-The all important 80/20 rule (take a deep breath)

-Taking the stigma out of carbs

-Paleo diets

-Epidemics like Autism, who heard of it 50 years ago?

-Antibiotics and gut flora

-Whole foods!

-Reductionism and Macro-nutrient snobbery

-As a blogger balancing the education piece with being outraged from political trends

-Food is Freedom!

-Food nutrition and non communicable diseases

-Taking the real food message main stream

-Foods to pack for travel

-Welcome to real food, please have fun with it!






Pro Deo et Patria

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