Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 020: We talk Cloth Diapering with Cheeky Bums Market

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Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 020: We talk Cloth Diapering with Cheeky Bums Market


The Ins & Outs of Cloth Diapering


Meet Kelsi & Gretchen from, who stop by to explain cloth diapering.  Why, in this modern era of disposables, would anyone be this crazy?  Truth is cloth diapering is the real food movement on the *achemm* other end of things.  If you the image you get in your mind when you hear cloth diapers is putting a square cloth towel on a three dimensional round baby’s bottom meanwhile trying not to prick that tender skin with diaper pins then please pull up a chair and listen as we have a nice long chat about the ease (yes, ease!) value and health benefits of cloth diapering. has also included a coupon code for you: PANTRY15 which will take 15% off of any order as well as give you $1 shipping until December 31, 2012!!!


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We talk about:




-Introduction to Kelsi and Gretchen




-“Raising Vintage Kids in a Modern World”




-Cloth diapers, really?  Why cloth?




-Cloth diapers are the real food application for the other end :o)  Think foodie one step removed




-How Chaya and Wilson got into cloth diapering




-Crunching the numbers of cloth diapering over $8-10K on diapers—wow! 




-Chlorinated bleach and other VOC’s near your baby’s bottom




-$300-400 initial expense for a layette that will last from birth to potty training—can be reused on younger siblings.  This is a Delta on the order of >$3K.




-The story behind how Chaya and Wilson made the set of cloth diapers that we used on all three of our kids




-How Kelsi and Gretchen decided on the diaper products that they sell




-Be Picky! 




-They put it in a diaper, it must be okay—right? 




-Cloth diapers can work for a working mom




-What do disposable diapers have in common with the toxic shock syndrome tampons?




-Disposable diapers, monkeys and fertility




-Cloth diaper materials are much better than older options available decades ago




-Cloth diapers help the child to understand the cause and effect relationship between bodily functions and that wet or soiled feeling




-Get the straight scoop on the “ick” factor




-The laundering process for cloth diapers—it is not that terrible, trust us




-Types of water and how that effects the washing cycle




-Travelling with cloth diapers




-What fasteners are used?  Diaper pins near my baby freak me out!




-Cloth, diaper covers and the all-in-one cloth diapers




-Cloth diaper options depending on the child (i.e. crawler, walker, boy, girls, etc.)




-There is nothing cuter that a baby in cloth diapers




-Driers will wear out your cloth diapers sooner, plus the sun is a great disinfectant (when line drying diapers)




-“You have kids, you have laundry.”




-Kids clothing fits differently over a cloth diapered bottoms




-Cloth diaper wipes, no seriously




-Cheekybums blog




-wrap up












WebMD article on cloth vs. disposable diapers article on heat concerns in disposable diapers


German study on scrotal temperature in Monkeys wearing disposable diapers






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