Non-toxic Pantry Items to Clean the House (plus recipes)

nontoxic pantry items to clean the house

Our everyday products which we use for cleaning, polishing, washing and disinfecting are necessities that we cannot live without. Advertisements have been telling us that our houses are full of deadly germs and virus that may attack us and make us sick.

We believe that we are always surrounded by diseases that may just inflict on us anytime, and to make ourselves safe, we obsessively try to keep our surroundings sanitized by using endless toxic products that smell sweet but are full of harmful chemicals like phthalates, perchloroethylene, triclosan and many others.

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Tackle Your Fridge With These Fresh Tips And Tricks

Tackle Your Fridge with these fresh tips & tricks

Not many people enjoy a cleaning exercise, but cleaning the fridge is important task to keep your home fresh and hygienic. If you do not clean your refrigerator regularly, it is likely to grow bacteria which can contaminate your food and cause some serious illnesses to your loved ones. Also, it will fill your kitchen or the entire house with a pungent smell and make it uncomfortable to live in. Fortunately, you can use some tips and tricks to tackle your fridge and keep it smelling fresh always.

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Spring Cleaning Benefits: More than clutter & dust

spring cleaning benefits

Do people still do the proverbial “Spring Cleaning” anymore? Or do we just hit the weekly checklist and hope that by maintaining the daily-do, we’re alright?

Spring Cleaning is for more than just clutter, or dust.  We hit those with the daily list, do we not?  Spring Cleaning will alert you that a mouse took up residence under the couch (cuz, well, you moved it–and when did you do that last?).  It alerts you that there is mold under the kitchen sink (cuz, well, you pulled absolutely everything out of that cupboard–and when did you do that last?).

Spring Cleaning is like a reset button.

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Why Green Cleaning Is Frugal

homemade cleaners

Edna is our cleaning contributor to Pantry Paratus; she is back with a persuasive piece on making your own cleaners as a way to cut down on your budget!

If you are new at green cleaning, or have not even begun yet, there are a few very important things you need to know about it caring for your home in an ecological way.   You have likely read all about its benefits to the environment and how it is not dangerous to people’s health, those facts are all true. But what you might have missed or did not pay attention to is the fact that green cleaning is also economical and frugal.

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