The Reluctant Naturalist: No more sugar? REALLY??

The Reluctant Naturalist: No More Sugar? Really?

No more sugar? Really?!?

No more sugar

 Did you catch the 1st installment of Erin’s journey?  Click here to read about her difficult food allergy and the start of her recovery, and you will also get the recipe for her first allergen-free meal.

 It has been eleven days since I started on this crazy journey, and yesterday I about lost my mind.

 I gave up sugar… ALL sugar.

 Not just the icky unnatural kind, but honey and agave and coconut sugar. No home-dehydrated fruit leathers – heck, no fruit in general.

 I may go crazy. I think I am already there now.


Last night I scared my husband. I was on sugar let down. Sure, I stopped the obvious sugars 10 days ago (a feat in itself) but today was different. Today was coffee free (I do frou-frou drinks normally). Today was filled with veggies! Today I was jittery and talked too fast about nonsensical things.

 Who wants a carrot for dessert? Me please!!!


 I thought I had hit the ‘I’ll do anything to get rid of my evil yeast,” button in my life already, but apparently the moment was now. The sugar free gauntlet was thrown.



This isn’t even a doctor’s recommendation (A clue that I have reached clear desperation).


I am now following any and all advice available in my natural remedies encyclopedia book, random people found at the fair grounds and my lifelong friends’ ideas that worked for them (but are weird).


So, yeast feeds on yeast (duh) and uses it to grow more yeast (eww). It also grows like an evil gross wildfire when able to eat sugar. Yesterday was the day that I refused to give in to its fertility frenzy. And I nearly lost my mind.

Today, I woke up and one of my yeast issues was gone! It had been slowly getting better, but was wiped away by its lack of food source! So today I went sugar free again. This time I tried to drink my espresso shots with just milk (gag, gag, yuck) and by the time I drank most of it, the gross-o-meter in my mind was only at a seven out of ten (ten being an all time horrific taste). Of course, the first sip of the concoction registered at a 13 so I really don’t know what to think of it yet.

Is this how life is? When forced to try new things you start to tolerate them out of desperation and then start to like them over time because you don’t know any better? I am not sure if this concept inspires me or depresses me.  Me, who has NEVER tried ketchup on my French fries – not ever (of course, the french fry ketchup thing isn’t relevant anymore – darn tater).

But still, I refuse to give up all sugar permanently. I need sweet sometimes!

Even so, this infection will DIE come hell or high water!

Or maybe it isn’t the lack of sugar that is causing this vent, but the 2 1/2 hour prep for natural – can free – spaghetti sauce (Peeling 5 lbs. of roma tomatoes is no laughing matter).

Make soup from tomato peels Read: Don’t Throw Those Away:Delicious Tomato Soup from Peels

The funny thing is that the website I got the recipe from says they are here to help me “provide nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle for (my) family and (I) can do it without any more time or stress.” Clearly she has never timed herself opening a jar of Ragu and dumping it into a pot.

 This is just too much information for one sugar deprived momma!

 I suppose I should take this one-day at a time. But, who wants to go that slow?

 At least I know that there is someone that is dealing with a little bit of crazy just like me and I can whine about my lack of yummy chocolate and hear the inspired words, “Been there; it’s awful. But, it’s totally worth it.”



The Reluctant Naturalist

Chaya and ErinErin met Chaya and Wilson over ten years ago when Chaya won tickets to the Passion of the Christ and invited Erin and her husband. This was not the best ‘couple’s date night movie,’ and everyone opted out of ice cream to go home and be depressed instead.  However they’ve been friends ever since. She is secretly trying to devise a love potion so that at least one of her children will marry a kiddo of Chaya’s. They say friends are the family one chooses for themselves, but Erin would feel better if there was a way to mix in a few grandchildren somewhere down the line – just in case.

(Picture: Chaya & Erin, very large and very hungry)


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Amber, Head Pixie

posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 7:13:30 AM America/Denver

Addiction is terrible, isn’t it? The craving for that sugar is fierce, and just as bad as when I quit cigarettes, even worse. After not liking the taste of anything for a while on a sugar fast it changes into having a more sophisticated palate, in my experience!

Heidi @ PintSizeFarm

posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:09:09 PM America/Denver

Oh my goodness! I don’t think I could. I love fruit, and honey, and even the “evil” sugar! Hubby doesn’t eat the white stuff 4 days a week – but allows for it the other three.


posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 11:13:46 PM America/Denver

Oh, Amber – I really hope it results in a more sophisticated palate. I don’t think I can survive this thing long term without my taste buds catching up!


posted on Thursday, October 23, 2014 6:35:45 AM America/Denver

I used to roll my eyes at hubby’s addictions…until I tried to quit sugar and coffee. It’s been years and no luck, though, I definitely consume less of each. One of my preteen daughters is on the no yeast diet after being terribly sick for about a year. Addiction isn’t funny. My heart goes out to people I see buying sodas and energy drinks. They don’t know the devil they’re letting in.

GiGi Eats Celebrities

posted on Friday, October 24, 2014 9:04:53 PM America/Denver

If you ever need advice/help – I am here, I have been 100% sugar free for 12 years and this even includes CARROTS!! ha!

Erin – Reluctant Naturalist

posted on Friday, October 24, 2014 9:56:06 PM America/Denver

It is hard to stop sugar. I have already failed at it. I guess the trick is to get up and keep on not eating it. This is not easy when you are making cute little cupcakes that look like owl faces for the church potluck. I really am disliking this candy month at the moment! When did Halloween become Harvest Festival(s) that are spread out for several weeks? And Gigi – CARROTS! What? This I must look into. Thanks!


posted on Sunday, November 16, 2014 7:32:23 PM America/Denver

I can sympathize entirely, being a Dove Dark Chocolate devotee myself. I have found Maria Emmerich’s blog ( to be a great help. She has a great recipe for something called a Fat Bomb. No sugar, but some really great chocolate tasting treat involving cocoa butter. I just make the ‘white chocolate’ part and I add in some coconut oil and vanilla. Tastes chocolatey enough to get me through another day. Now if she could only develop a sugar-free, natural, copy-cat recipe for Mountain Dew or Fresca …
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