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Top Ten List: Why I Believe In Preparedness

10  Reasons I believe in preparedness:


10)  I hate standing in line on a good day.  Standing in line with screaming children and stressed out parents while only holding half of what I need because record-setting weather is predicted?

No thanks.

9)   Because I like options.  Preparedness increases my options—options in what I eat, what I wear, how I travel, and how I spend my free time—even when life is uncomfortable.


A Run on Bottled Water

8)  Because I see a decline in just about everything.  There is a decline in morality, in work ethic, and even in common sense.  Preparedness allows me to step outside of full dependency upon the culture as a whole. 

 Chaya's Homemade Bread

7)  Because I am cheap.  If I run out of something, a “run to the store” results in unnecessary purchases and paying full retail prices.  Buying ahead (like buying in bulk) means I am forever getting that item at the “sale price”.  I am empowered to refuse overpriced items.


6) Because I hate to worry, especially over material things!  I feel free when I am learning the skills of self-sufficiency; I feel free when I am frugal, when I am generous, and when I have something set aside for a “rainy day”.  And it just so happens, that the one word that encompasses all of that is “preparedness!”


Chaya after Huckleberry Picking

5) Because I believe in debt-free living.  It seems impossible to achieve at first, but having a frugal and self sufficient lifestyle helps us maintain debt-free living when times get really tough.

Piggy Bank

4) Because I see the principle of stewardship in the Bible and I want to emulate that in my own life.  I need to know what I have to manage my estate diligently.  

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”  –Luke 14:28


3) Because I believe that the right thing is not always easy or socially acceptable, and I believe this is the right thing.  Even if it means I am weird.


2) Because I believe in hard work and forethought, and because I believe in modeling these for my children.

Old Work Boots


1) Because I can only give out of what I have.  Charity begins with the blessing of surplus. 

Giving a Dime



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