Turn Old Utensils Into Practical Household Items

Turn Old Utensils Into Practical Household Items


What’s old is new again; or so the saying goes.


This saying is particularly practical for today, when everyone is trying to reduce the amount that they waste. With a little creativity, you can really turn your trash into treasure while minimizing the amount you put into landfills and creating some truly one-of-a-kind items.


Wondering what you can do with some of your old stuff? Here are some ingenious ideas that will create some super useful and clever items that you can use around your house.


Utensil Coat Hooks


Do you have old utensils that have seen better days? Wooden spoons, spatulas and rolling pins are all items that you can turn into fashionable coat hooks. Just cut the utensils in half, affix them to a wall with screws and voila! – You’ve got super stylish and super useful coat hooks.

 Pinterest Repurposed Board

(see an Esty version on our Pantry Paratus “Repurposed” Pinterest Page)


CD Sandwich Holder


If you fancy bringing your lunch with you to work, you probably have had a crushed sandwich more times than you care to remember. Instead of risking a smooshed lunch, try storing your sandwich in a CD holder. You know; that plastic holder that held all of those blank CDs? It’s the perfect little carrying case for a sandwich made on a bagel.




Pancake Dispenser


Don’t throw out those old squeeze bottles; instead, turn them into pancake batter dispensers. Empty ketchup, mustard and jelly bottles are perfect for this. Just wash them out, fill them up with batter and squeeze the batter out onto a hot skillet. The great thing about this idea is that you can easily fashion a fancy pancakes in any shape you like.



Door Headboard


Replacing an old, drafty door? Just because it doesn’t work to keep out the elements anymore doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold any value. You can easily turn that door into a very fashionable headboard. Just position it behind your bed and attach it to the wall with some anchors and screws. Positioning it in a horizontal fashion will provide the best look.


Shutters as Headboard

Image Courtesy Of Shutterstock


Wine Cork Bulletin Board


If you love drinking wine, you’ll love this idea; save all of those wine corks and fashion them into a creative bulletin board. To do so, just buy a picture frame and remove the glass. Glue the wine corks to the inner backing of the frame and hang it up on a wall. You’ll have a super chic way of staying organized.


Wine Bottle Lamp


And while we’re on the topic of wine, save those bottles, too. With a string of Christmas lights, you cantransform those bottles into attractive lamps. Just clean out the bottles, dry them out, drill a hole in the bottom (using a glass-cutting drill bit) and insert a strand of lights into the bottle. The result is an attractive lamp that will create a soft glow.


Shower Curtain Hook Scarf Holder


Storing scarves can be a pain. Sure, you can fold them, but they end up getting wrinkled. Avoid the wrinkles and keep your scarves in good shape by using shower curtain hooks to store them. Just attach shower curtain hooks to the bar along the bottom of a hanger. Thread your scarves through the hooks and hang up the hanger. Talk about a simple storage solution.


Take a look around your house and try to envision clever ways to repurpose and breathe new life into items that you may have otherwise thrown out.




Naomi Shaw is a stay-at-home mom in Southern California. After being a stay-at-home mom for seven years she works full-time as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about DIY crafts and home organization providing insight, advice  and frequently collaborates with AllCandyContainers. She hopes you enjoy this article.






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