All American Model 921

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Model 921 of the All American is perfect for the average family garden; it will can the same number of jars as model 925 but holds less liquid capacity (only relevant if you are using this as a large pressure cooker instead of canner).

Free DVD with purchase: You will receive both the instruction & recipe book as well as the new “Basic Operation Instructions” DVD (running time: 10.5 minutes).

The All American 910 has been proven safe for use with newer glass top stove models.  Please check your stove’s manufacturer for more information about weight limits for your specific stove top. Also, please do not slide the canner across the stove top, as it might scratch.

All American pressure canners have both a dial gauge a weighted gauge. A weighted gauge does not need yearly calibration and “whistles and hums” to let you know you have the correct amount of pressure for the canning process. These canners also come with a manual that doubles as a cookbook and go-to reference guide. It can be used as a pressure cooker, just like all of the All American Pressure Cookers. They all feature a metal-to-metal seal, which means no rubber gasket to crack or replace.

All of the All-American Canners feature:

• Sturdy Bakelite top handle
• Easy-to-read geared steam gauge
• 5, 10 and 15 pound pressure regulator weight
• Smooth, easy-to-clean satin finish
• Easy on-off cover


  • 21 1/2 quart liquid capacity with 2 racks
  • 19 pints or 7 quarts regular sized jars
  • 16 pints or 7 quarts widemouth jars

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