Candy, Deep Fry, & Jelly Thermometer


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You need something that will clip to the edge without moving, something with an accurate reading and sturdy stainless steel construction so that it can be a one-time purchase.  This Norpro Candy Thermometer is the right tool for the job.This is a great candy, jelly and deep fry thermometer with a large, easy to read dial.

Ranges 100-400F/40-200C.

Measures 6.5″/16.5cm long.

Instructions: Slide the clip so that the thermometer stem is near bottom but do no let thermometer tip touch the bottom of the pan.  For best accuracy, place tip of thermometer 2-1/2″ into liquid.  Also, remember that introducing cold food into hot oil will drop the oil temperature.  Proper cooking begins when the proper temperature is regained. 

Temperature Guide:


  • Thread stage: 230-233° F
  • Soft ball stage: 234-240º F
  • Hard ball stage: 250-266º F
  • Soft crack stage: 270-290º F
  • Hard crack stage: 295-310º F

 Jelly: 220º F


  • Chicken: 350º F
  • Donuts: 350-375º F
  • Fish: 350-375º F
  • Eggplant: 375-385º F
  • French Fries: 385-395º F



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