Food Storage Gusset Pouches, 100pc

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These Matte Grey Food Storage Gusset Pouches are food safe, dark, and air-tight.  Your long-term food storage can be packaged with this extra layer of protection to ensure it’s readiness many years after packaging.

A “gussetted” pouch is simply any bag with the folds on the side–like a paper lunch sack–that allow the bag to be folded compactly before use, but expanded to meet the volume demand.  These particular bags are food grade and can be vacuum-sealed. There are somewhat similar to how coffee is packaged.

These particular food storage gusset pouches are much longer, however, than a coffee bag.  These measure 5.5″ x 3.625″ x 15.5″.  They are long and skinny (similar in shape and size to a French Loaf).  They have a sealed bottom (not flat bottom).

Simply put your large funnel in the opening and fill with grains, spices, teas, or dehydrated foods. Add 1 50cc oxygen absorber if using with a dense food (something powdered, for instance) or 2 oxygen absorbers if there is space (such as with rice or grain).  Leave approximately 1.5″ at the opening for vacuum sealing.

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