Long Handled Bamboo Spoon


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Every cook needs a trusted wooden spoon, and once you make the switch to this long handled bamboo spoon you will never go back! Bamboo is a sustainably harvested material that is durable, moisture resistant, and beautiful too!

This gorgeous spoon is safe for non-stick surface and with neither absorb or impart flavors into your food.

  •  *Flat, 15″ handle!
  • *Smooth finish, beautiful flavor
  • *Heat and Stain Resistant

Tracy’s Great Idea:  Tracy does major fundraising for a nonprofit organization that feeds the poor and homeless.  Every year, she orders these in bulk from us, and then has them laser-engraved with the name of her organization.  She says that donors are very appreciative, and remember philanthropic giving throughout the year as a result of having this practical tool with the organization’s name.   Contact us for bulk discounts.

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Dimensions 13 × 3 × 1 in


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