Mylar Bags, 6″x9″, tear notches


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There is only one Mylar® Brand, so make sure you buy quality!  

These silver bags come 100 in a pack, block out light, air, and moisture.  They are FDA approved and are the bags that you commonly see for prepackaged foods such as prepackaged ground coffee, vitamin packets, and snack packages.  They are sealed on three sides; you can either use your vacuum sealer or your clothes iron to seal the final side.  They are easy open with two tear notches located on the bottom of the bag. 

These particular bags are 2.5 mil in thickness, and tested out by the manufacturer to have a puncture resistance >13 psi and a bursting strength >50 psi.  This hardcore durability means that you can package your food, store, and walk away with a sense of security. 

This size is the perfect portion for most dehydrated foods.  No need to open an oversized bag, allowing food storage enemies to begin the deterioration process of the excess food.  Just tear open a bag for an instant snack or meal.

Chaya’s Tip:  These make a great homemade gift!  Make up your soup mixes in bulk with dehydrated foods (ie., broccoli, carrots, green pepper, garlic, onion, rice or barley, spices, etc.), pour them in and seal.  Then create nice labels on your computer with the ingredients list and instructions.  This is an “instant” crock pot meal–it’s also a great way to encourage others to begin their own food storage!

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