The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds: Improve the health and productivity of your garden for many season-to-come by saving seeds from your very best plants!

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The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

322 Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, Trees, and Shrubs

by Robert Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough

Improve the health and productivity of your garden for many season-to-come by saving seeds from  your very best plants!  When you harvest seeds from  your own garden, you will:

  • *Take another step toward food independence
  • *Save the money you’re spending on plants and seeds
  • *Enjoy a healthy garden filled with plants uniquely adapted to your own backyard
  • *Be able to swap seeds with other seed savers
  • *Preserve genetic diversity and regional favorites
  • *Ensure a safe and varied seed selection for future generations


The Authors:

The late Robert Gough had a doctorate in botany and was Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at the College of Agriculture, Montana State University. He was the author of 17 gardening books, 500 extension service publications, and articles for Fine Gardening, Country Journal, National Gardening, Zone 4, Montana Magazine, and Harrowsmith. He served as Extension Horticulturalist in Montana, hosted the popular Dr. Bob’s Northern Gardening Tips radio program for 10 years, and was a panel member on PBS’s Montana Ag Live for 15 years. He was a Fellow of both the American Society for Horticultural Science and the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, as well as a member of the advisory board of Zone 4.

Cheryl Moore-Gough holds an M.S. in Plant Sciences from Montana State University, where she is now an adjunct assistant professor in horticulture. Cheryl has taught and coordinated the Montana Master Gardener program and has published numerous works alone and with her husband, Dr. Robert Gough, including five gardening books. She has written for Montana Magazine, Fine Gardening, American Nurseryman, and Zone 4 Magazine, and she hosts “Northern Gardening Tips,” which is broadcast by radio stations throughout Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota on the Northern News Network. She has been gardening and saving seeds in Montana for 30 years.

Chaya’s Note:  I will confess that seed saving intimidated me before.  This book was instrumental in changing my mind completely!  We need to reclaim the ability to save our own seeds so that we can better control our garden’s productivity and health!  This is both readable and a reference guide.

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