Vacstrip 3.0mil Mixed Case, 12 Rolls


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6 OF THE VACSTRIP 3. mil ROLLS 8″x20′ and 6 OF THE 11.5″ x 20′

  •  Seal out air, seal in freshness.
  •  These bags prevent freezer burn.
  •   Eliminate the effect of oxygen on your food storage.
  •   Designed to fit other vacuum sealers.
  •  Created with a channel that helps pull the air out.
  •  Designed for you to cut and seal the size you like.
  •  May be used frozen, refrigerated, microwaved or boiled.
  •  Reusable

Our Promise: If you purchase this for use in another machine and it does not work, we will issue a return for store credit.


The VacUpack from Frontier Media Inc. on Vimeo.

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