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 The VacUpack Deluxe is a light, commercial grade, home style vacuum sealer. This Italian built product is designed for your everyday needs!

Warranty: It comes with a  full 2 year warranty and a 5 year service contract–these sealers are built to last!

Three operating modes:  Automatic, Manual and Pump Only.

Automatic Mode: The operator simply places the open end of a filled bag into the channel, closes the lid and pushes the button for auto mode. The operator can then walk away and the VacUpack Deluxe will run the vacuum to evacuate air from the bag and a sensor will sense the proper time to engage the seal bar.

Manual Mode:  Using the manual mode gives the operator more control over the amount of air that is evacuated from the bag. Soft foods such as bread, cake and strawberries can be gently vacuum packed without full evacuation of air that would otherwise damage and distort the soft product. When the desired amount of air has been pulled from the bag, the operator simply presses “seal” to activate the sealing cycle. This mode gives the operator full control over the entire process.  This is also the mode used for sealing one end of material when creating a bag.

Pump Only Mode: Use this to vacuum seal jars and canisters. There is no heat bar activated in this mode. A hose and jar sealer is required for this mode.

The Pump: The piston pump is designed for a long life span and high vacuum levels of 24-25 Hg. The European built pump has proven superior over the past thirty years because of its durability and longevity. * The amount of air that is pulled from a bag is determined by both the pump and also by the quality and type of bag being used. Because of the soft jaw feature, the VacUpack Deluxe is bag friendly with multiple brands of bags on the market today meaning you will not get stuck searching for bags that work with your machine.

Heat Settings: The VacUpack Deluxe has four settings to choose from when selecting heat bar preferences. The first two settings are for sealing either a dry bag or thin bags that melt quickly. These two settings are also used for high production or repeat seal after seal. The third and fourth settings are used for wet bag sealing and also thicker heavier bags that take a longer heat seal time to melt the materials.

Jars & Canisters: The VacUpack Deluxe has an independent pump operation for evacuating canisters and jars and comes with the vacuum hose for this process.

Features: Adjustable sealing time; Commercial 3 mm heat-seal; Jar Port; 24Hg; Built in Italy. Dimensions: Weight: 10lbs; Length: 14″; Height: 5″ Depth: 10″;

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