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Italian-built, stainless steel vacuum sealer featuring a powerful piston pump. This machine was built for sealing wet bags–see the video to know the power of this machine.

The perfect size unit for all kitchens, uses all standard size bags and rolls. The VacUpack Elite vacuum packing system features a powerful piston pump.  The sealing system has a crimping heat bar for solid and secure sealing. No more open wet bags or seals breaking open in the freezer with the new crimping heat bar. Heat seals are 12.5 inches across the face of the machine.

No worries of water damage to the pump! The extra high raised snorkel, helps to insure no moisture will be drawn into the pump with even wet juicy products. The VacUpack Elite has a moisture trap to keep excess moisture from meat and fish reaching the pump. Even if the operator does flood the channel, there is no worry of damage to your machine. The moisture trap will divert the liquid away from the pump! This channel style unit has been long awaited by those who want automation or manual mode operation. A channel style with the feature of wet sealing capabilities like the Vacupack original nozzle style.

Those who appreciate top of the line quality and understand it’s value, who also want a stainless steel no rust, channel style unit, here’s your machine! The best quality Stainless Steel is used in construction “commercial grade” this unit will not rust! The VacUpack Elite is for the serious Sportsman, Gardener, Jerky Maker, Fisherman or woman, Gourmet Kitchen and light commercial usage.

You will appreciate the “hands free” automatic feature and the ability to have full control in a manual sealing mode with variable temperature seals. The fan cooled motor allows for very high production with out a cooling off period. The VacUpack Elite also offers a vacuum port to use an external vacuum hose on jar sealers and optional containers. The VacUpack Elite uses textured bag material, such as the VacUpack 4 mil trade marked bag material on rolls or precut sizes. It is also very compatible with all the 3 mil rolls and bags.

  • 1 Seal Bar: Front = 13″
  • Crimping Heat Bar with Soft Jaw Clamp. (This allows for a superior air removal, for maximum pump results)
  • Overall Size = 14″ x 12″ x 6″, Maximum Bag Opening: 12″
  • Power = 115 Volt/60/1 phase, prefered for USA and Canada Stainless Steel Construction
  • One Button Operation, Automatic & Manual Modes, Vacuum Sensor In Auto Mode
  • Moisture Filter
  • Fan Cooled Motor
  • External Vacuum Port
  • VacUpack Elite built in Italy


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