Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens


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Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens: 200 Drought-Tolerant Choices for All Climates by Lauren Springer Ogden and Scott Ogden.

Ultimately, we need to minimize the inputs to our gardens and make what we have work–that includes water, our most precious resource!  The authors work through all of the various aspects of each plant, included climate and sunlight.  They even give companion planting advice.  This excellent photography and plant page layout will guide you through the categories you need to consider: trees, shrubs and subshrubs, perennials, ground covers, grasses and sedges, bulbs and tubers, vines, annuals and biennials, succlulents and cacti, palms and cycads, and fiber plants.  Each section is color-coded on the edges of the pages, making this a quick go-to guide for all of your gardening projects.


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