Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 024: Interview with the authors of AutoImmune: The Cause & the Cure

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Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 024


Interview with Annesse Brockley & Kristin Urdiales the authors of AutoImmune: the Cause & the Cure


The list is long; modern diet and other environmental factors have led to so many debilitating health conditions that many of us are left wondering where to start on the road of recovery.  Listen to how the autoimmune diseases all center around protein and enzymes or the lack thereof.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus—these all start in the gut.  Annesse Brockley tells us about her personal journey and she will help you on yours as she, along with Kristin Urdiales, give support to those trying to understand both the cause and the cure.



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We talk about:

-Annesse Brockley bio, she tells her story of how she had to learn to reverse her own health condition (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lupus)


-Refusing to accept the status quo or death sentence and taking back your own health


-“Clusters of symptoms . . . end of discussion”  Really?


-Not a diet, a way of life—the book is a resource


-“Do you eat out?” Answer: “It better be worth it!”


-Autoimmune: “When you immune system attacks you for no reason.” 


-The immune system is going after incomplete or “funny” proteins consisting of unbroken down peptides


-What diseases fall under “Autoimmune?” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sjögren’s, Rheumatoid Aarthritis, Raynaud’s, Rosacea, Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 2 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, etc.


-When your body cannot release or produce the proper enzymes these disorders surface


-Autoimmune diseases are not properly treated by just taking a pill . . . you need to heal your entire digestive tract


-Protease is the enzyme that digests proteins to release the essential amino acids


-Type 2 Diabetes is the inability to break down starch, because the pancreas does not secrete Insulin properly—Insulin is made from amino acids . . .


-What is normal? 


-What was it like for Annesse and Kristin to digest and synthesize all that scientific and clinical data


Vitamin B12, vegetarians and homocysteine levels


-You can get proper levels of Vitamin B12 but if your body cannot metabolize it properly your body cannot use the Vitamin B12 on hand to regulate other organic chemistry processes at the cell receptor site


-Just taking a supplement is not enough, because for your body to properly uptake a vitamin it may take up to eight other minerals to metabolize it!


Annesse Brockley

-The body is amazingly and wonderfully complex


-Vitamin D is required to properly uptake Calcium—without it the body will deposit calcium at the joints which is the precursor to arthritis


-Is there a common physiological denominator for autoimmune diseases?  


-Where do we go now?  How can we heal?  Will food help? 


 -“No matter how well you are eating, if your body lacks the ability to break that food down then you are in a state of starvation because your body is not getting what it needs.”


-Bacteria went from time tested kitchen friend to public enemy #1


-Disease starts right there in the gut


-“You can forget the food pyramid.”  (focus on proteins and enzymes)



-Vitamin B12 is an organism that is made in the soil, and humans get it from eating the meat of herbivore


-Regarding eating well: Our job is to give the body the building blocks it needs as well as rest


-Getting back in touch with where food comes from, how it is produced and what makes it healthy!


-Wrap up

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