Pantry Paratus Coupon Codes & Discounts

Hi there!

You’re probably finding this page because you searched for “pantry paratus coupon codes”, and saw our page listed.

We published this page specifically so that you wouldn’t have to search those sketchy coupon websites looking for a good deal.

We appreciate a good deal, too, which is why 99% of the discounts you’ll find for our product listings are featured on our Sales & Deals page.

On top of that we have a few other great offers available:

1 – Free Shipping on all U.S. orders over $150.

We carry a lot of heavy products so shipping costs add up. But if you’re looking to make a large purchase like a dehydrator, grain mill, pressure cooker, or other heavy products, we don’t want to surprise you with extreme shipping costs in the checkout page. So all shipping cost for US orders are either $15 flat rate, or free for orders over $150.

2 – Free Shipping for Overseas Military

Overseas Military (with an APO or FPO address) always get free shipping. Please use the coupon code “apo-fpo” to apply that discount if you’re shipping to an APO or FPO address. It’s our way of saying “thanks”.

3 – Product Specific Offers

You’ll find the occasional freebie listed on a product page. Those get included by default with your order.

Other than those, we try and offer the best prices that we can right upfront, so that you can get back to preserving your food with the best gear we can offer!