Permaculture Podcast: Chaya and Wilson Interviewed

We finally broke into the big time of audio journalism history when we were interviewed for a podcast at the Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference in Spokane last month.  Listen along as we talk to Mr. Paul Wheaton of and  Whether or not you consider yourself a podcast consumer, there is probably something either funny or informative in here for you. 


Warning: Paul does use grown-up language, and this is not something for little ears.


Send us an email, and let us know if you would like to see more of this kind of thing. 

About Chaya Foedus

Flour on the ceiling. The ugliest vintage apron collection you've ever seen. And an affinity for old-fashioned kitchen skills that center on health, preparedness, and family meal-time. I am passionate about helping people find their kitchens and then teaching them what to do once they get there.