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The Latest From Our Blog

Chef Nancy: Cheese Making, Intimidation Factor and How to Start

Savory Cheese  Chef Nancy drops by from time to time to explain whole foods and good nutrition.  She helps us out with menu planning, and today she encourages us to learn cheese making!

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Cheesemaking with Rebekah & Brazos Valley Cheese

Brazos Valley and PloughshareBrazos Valley Cheese teamed up with the Ploughshare Institute to bring the very best instruction in home cheese making.  We are pleased to introduce Rebekah from Brazos Valley Cheese, who discusses their artisan cheese, the differences between making hard and soft cheeses, and how we should get started in our own kitchens!

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Chef Nancy: Menu Planning and Weston A. Price Foundation

Chef NancyGrass fed beef, menu planning, creative uses for leftovers, and the importance of nutrition.  Chef Nancy talks about what the Weston A. Price Foundation means to her family, and how we can begin to apply this science in our own kitchens. Oh, and we discuss ice cream for breakfast. 

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The Prairie Homestead: Interview with Jill

Jill from The Prairie Homestead Prairie living.  Jill and I had a nice chat about some of the things that keep her going--faith, creativity, family. She opens up about her personal struggles, joys, and even about the chore she dislikes the most! !

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