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GRAS: How the FDA Approves Food Additives Without a Formal Process

GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe

How the FDA Approves Food Additives without a Formal Process


Hula Hoop



The year was 1958.

 Sputnik 1 & Sputnik II crash and burn.

 The hula hoop was invented.

 Bobby Fischer won the U.S. Chess Championship.

 Elvis Presley joined the Army.

 Pizza Hut was founded.

 Instant noodles hit the market for the first time.

And this is the magic year the FDA picked to declare all food commonly served to be “generally recognized as safe” unless tested and proven to be otherwise.

If people were eating it in 1958 and are still eating it now, well…there you go.   Of course, they did not wear seatbelts, thought cigarettes were the coolest ever, and going out with wet hair could cause a cold.

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