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Healthy Child Summit: A Free Resource for a Healthy Family

Healthy Child Summit

A Free Resource for a Healthy Family

The Healthy Child Summit


A day consists of 24 hours.  And 182 decisions on how to spend those 24 hours.  Maybe more.  Everytime we stop at the computer when walking past, every time we answer the call to “read a book, Mommy”…


I squander much of my time in the name of “good things”.  But at the end of the day, for all of the  busy-ness that consumes my time, what matters but my family?  Am I making conscientious decisions as to the atmosphere and health of our family, or am I just letting life–and time–dictate the results?


I do not know if your family is just starting out or if the kids are in college, if there are kids at all.  But I do know that we can all benefit from the wisdom given by field experts that teach us how to make conscientious and well-informed decisions, instead of letting life “happen” without our knowledge or consent.


Since I have a wonderful–and FREE–resource that provides just that very thing, I have to share the link!  Who am I to stand in the way of FREE?  After all, I am originally Midwestern (and you never get in the way of a Midwestern Momma and something free, my husband reminds me). 

Healthy Child Summit


So here’s the Scoop…

No catch, no strings.  I am finding that the world of Holistic, Natural, and Nourishing Food Bloggers is more altruistic than I would have guessed.  We are all attempting the same thing–to encourage health, self-sufficiency, wellness, and….healthy families! 

Nourished Living Network is giving you a free seminar download everyday for 22 days straight!  Starting Now!

Healthy Child Summit


The Summit itself is not until February and will feature over 50 well-known speakers who have something to share that could very well turn things around for you and your family.  The subjects are categorized by age bracket, so everyone from an Mom-to-be to the family with teenagers will have seminars geared specifically to them.  Parent empowerment and self-care are also a huge part of this thing (wow, and I can use more of both of those)!

Even though the Summit is not until February, you can get 22 great lectures now, a fresh one everyday. 

Follow this link to see the great lineup of speakers, and to tune in to today’s great topic!

Keep Learning, Keep Nourishing, & Keep Those Babies HEALTHY!


Note: I am a member of Nourished Living Network.  Because this sneak peek is free, I do not receive any compensation for those who check it out.  The link given above is a specific one to Pantry Paratus, to help us all know if this type of thing is something that interests you; that way, I’ll know if I should keep passing along these great opportunities in the future. 




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