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SolarBag at Pantry Paratus


Pure Water Anywhere

SolarBag at Pantry Paratus
SolarBag at Pantry Paratus

I have read through many pages of technical detail.  I have read through documentation provided by African countries that have tested the SolarBag and found it to be a viable solution to their water crisis.  In 2012, the Embassy of Camaroon wrote a nice letter to the makers of SolarBag after extensive testing, and the two worked together to curb a Cholera outbreak in the Northern part of the country.  

Is the SolarBag just yet one more water purfication system out there?  We will explain the differences, which include technology, viability, portability, and pricing.  Then we are giving you a chance to try one for yourself–for free.  

SolarBag Technology


The official EPA testing was completed through the University of Arizona, and it exceeded all requirements to be labeled a “purification system” (which is of the highest order and not to be confused with “filtration system”).  You might be familiar with the Berkey family of products, which also fall into this same “purification system” certification.  What you might not know is that the technology used to create the SolarBag is unprecedented and not found in any other water purification system out there.


“The SOLARBAG® is the only water purifier that’s proven it can remove virtually every lethal toxin found in contaminated water, including gasoline, diesel fuel, pesticides, herbicides, toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, and pharmaceuticals like artificial hormones and animal antibiotics.”

World Water Magazine


The nanotechnology in the SolarBag does not trap contaminants like all of the filter-style purification units on the market.  It destroys them.  Do you realize what this could mean for the world’s water supply if we could put this technology in the hands of its people? This is a game-changer, and the maker of the SolarBag has been recognized for this through a myriad of awards given for this innovation.


SolarBag Technology


The SolarBag is made in America.  In fact, there is a small piece of the device that is made by individuals with disabilities (I have a soft spot for that). 


It is non-chemical and non-powered.  Just like we love the gravity-fed nature of the Berkey because it requires no electricity, we love the solar-powered nature of the SolarBag–4 hours outside on a cloudy day is all that is necessary to exceed the World Health Organization and the EPA’s water purification standards.


How It Works: The SolarBag is a transparent 3 L bag that encloses a nanotechnology coated mesh insert. When the SolarBag is placed in sunlight, five photochemical processes are activated which destroy a wide range of contaminants; including pathogens, heavy metals, and chemical toxins.


How the SolarBag Works


SolarBag Viability


500 Uses Per Bag.  At Least.  Multiple uses per day.  You can produce 3 liters of pure water at a time by leaving the filled bag in sunlight for 2-3 hours of direct sunlight (or 4-6 hours on a cloudy day).  You will know the water is pure when the drop of food coloring has disappeared (because it was cleansed completely out of the water). The number “500” was based on an area with extremely high heavy metal content.  My contact at Puralytics told me: “In Malawi the bags have been used 3 times per day for over a year now, or well over 1,000 uses and are still going strong.”  So there you have it.  The math below is based on 500 uses, but you can double the output most likely.

One bag = 1,500 liters of water

That’s over 396 gallons of clean drinking water.

Cost per liter: roughly $.05

(even cheaper this week.  Spoiler: we have a special price for 1 week only)


Endless Applications: hiking, camping, overseas travel, emergency aid, a spare one in each vehicle, bug-out bags (preparedness packs). 


7 Year Shelf life At least. This means that an emergency SolarBag tucked away in a bag will still be useful when you need it most.   The makers of the BPA-FREE plastic actually said that they should have a shelf life of –exact wording–“hundreds of years” but they’re only guaranteeing seven.  It is not so easy to guarantee something “for hundreds of years” since you don’t really have a way to test that.


Self-Sustaining Water Purification System: no chemicals, no electricity, not even a bright-shining sunny day is required.  Nothing to add, replace, or fix. 


Made from recycled materials and sand, and then you can recycle it again.   The SolarBag is made from recyclable plastics.  The insert is made from environmentally stable materials derived from sand.  After 500 uses, you would dispose of the insert but put the bag back into your recycling bin!


Bulk Purchasing: Because of the natural humanitarian applications for the SolarBag and because of the commitment by both Pantry Paratus and Puralytics to help assist in that effort, bulk pricing is available! See the end of this post for pricing on 6 or more units.    Please email customer (at) if you are looking for numbers closer to the 50-100 range.


SolarBag in Uganda

 SolarBags being used in Uganda


SolarBag Portability

I suppose you can even put portability under the “viability” section, because it’s one-dimensional, lightweight design gives this far greater reach to the furthest corners of the world than anything else.  You could mail one with first-class postage (without the box), it is so lightweight! You could tuck it into the thinnest zipper-pouch on a backpack or suitcase, and you could send boxes of them as humanitarian aid for a fraction of the cost heavier (and bulkier) systems require.

Total Weight: 4 ounces


SolarBag is thin and lightweight


SolarBag Pricing

We mentioned earlier that the average cost of 1 liter of clean drinking water by using the SolarBag is only $.05.  That is based on average pricing. 


Pantry Paratus, as an authorized dealer, generally sells the SolarBag for $77.99.


It is difficult to put a price on self-sufficiency, safety, and security.  But if a person wanted to put a price on clean water anywhere at any time–Pantry Paratus can help.


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