6 Cup Chrome Tea & Coffee Press


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The modern design of this tea and coffee press gives classic flavor!  Rich drinks with delicate nuances shine through the process of steeping–something that a drip coffee pot cannot give you.  You will enjoy the deep flavors and the ability to have your favorite drink in the morning without the need for one more appliance cluttering your counter.  Say goodbye to the coffee pot and steep your drink in this elegantly designed chrome pot. 

This particular press has an extra filter in the plunger to ensure you are not getting grounds in your cup.

Makes 30 ounces (6 cups).
While boiling water, place dry grounds in the bottom of the coffee press.  Pour in the water, and insert the press with plunger up.  After several minutes when your drink is to your liking, insert the plunger to hold the grounds down into the bottom of the pot, and pour.  You’ll be met with a rich, warm cup of your favorite comfort drink!

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