Excalibur Paraflexx Drying Sheets


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Super flexible non-stick sheets for fruit leathers, rollups, taffies, flax crackers, tomato paste, and much more… Easy to clean and reusable for years. If you have an Excalibur, you must have some Paraflexx drying sheet to get the most out of your dehydrator.

  • Sheet size: 14″x 14
  • Reusable Indefinitely

Suggested Retail: $10.99

Safety Specs are attached.  Paraflexx sheets are perfectly safe up to 400º.  They are intended for dehydrator use, which never exceeds 165º.

Chaya’s Note: Don’t let the price intimidate you–you don’t need one for every tray. I personally only have 5 for my 9 tray dehydrator and am satisfied with that. Each one is so large, that I can cut a fruit leather into thirds. Purchase one or two sheets at initially to see their versatility. You can always come back for more! Oh, and as for how long they last? Mine are currently over 6 years old and are perfectly fine.

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