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Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 027: Interview with Dr. Prepper, James Talmage Stevens

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Pantry Paratus Radio, Episode 027: Interview with Dr. Prepper


James Talmage Stevens on preparedness then and now


When I am lost, I am the type of person who does not have a problem asking for directions because—I do not like being lost.  In the same way, I love to get advice from people who have had more mileage than me, who love to teach and really know what they are talking about.  When it comes to preparedness and getting your family squared away there is no one better to consult than Dr. Prepper.  He literally wrote the book on Preparedness and since the mid 70’s, he has helped millions of people get prepared.  If you have ever read his book you know his common sense appraoch, but if you have not then please give a listen to the one and only James Talmage Stevens (who we know better as Dr. Prepper).  The audio quality drops towards the end, but it is well worth it still. 


No Politics, No Religion, No Bull


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We talk about:

-Dr Prepper’s bio, growing up during WWII and how he got started on the farm


-Preparedness then and now


-Politics, Economics, Financial reasons, Morality . . . all reasons why people get into preparedness


-The moral vector of preparedness


-James’ first basketball


-Vegetables “growing” in glass jars in the basement


-What is a prepared lifestyle look like?  Putting food by so that “when the poop hits the propeller . . .”


-Preparedness is not just about money, food, etc. but about thinking ahead


-The three P’s: Practice, Practice, Practice


-“Why preparedness?”  What made James Talmage Stevens become Dr. Prepper?


-The story of how Dr. Prepper wrote the first draft of Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook

-The gift of the family heritage and recipes given to James which became the first draft of the book that has sold over 800,000 copies!


-Preparedness is not haughty it is humility


-“You cannot invest in your future, if you are all tied up in your past.”


-Preparedness examples in everyday life . . .


-“People misunderstand TEOTWAWKI . . . . It occurs quite frequently and is as much positive as it is negative.”


-Dr. Prepper talks about the change of the preparedness landscape has changed since Y2K (or since the oil embargo’s impact on the first edition of the book)


-“The world needs practical people who can figure out what to do in order to be prepared for the future.  Because we are going to live in the future whether we are prepared for it or not.”


-After all these years, what keeps James Talmage Stevens passionate about preparedness?


-In cold country, if you get stuck or stranded you are only 15 minutes away from a life threatening situation—it pays to be prepared!


-WAG (Wrong Agenda Group)


-Start with knowing the proper questions before you start giving answers


-Does Dr. Prepper think that preparedness will ever go mainstream?


-James Talmage Stevens talks about his long time friendship with Carla Emery and how they were professional contemporaries


-What new innovations does Dr. Prepper see on the horizon for preparedness?


-What are some of the points of wisdom from successes he has had or mistakes he has made that Dr. Prepper would like to pass along, “The obvious is not always the necessity.”


-What is the one food that Dr. Prepper stores that people would not expect?


-Wrap up with James Talmage Stevens, the one and only Dr. Prepper

Dr. Prepper


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